MAY  13 THU 

Jezz and I went to Brighton for the first time since the pandemic. We had lunch in Kooks it could well be the best beefburger ever. Shopped around in the lanes and spent a bit in the shops at St. James's Street.

 MAY  10 MON 

Jezz and I spent a few hours with Nik at hers, keeping her company as she recovers from her operation. We had lunch, fresh rolls and corned beef and tea and cake.

 APR  26 MON 

Michele, Nik and I went to Rustington for the day. We had breakfast in the Broadmark Cafe, shopped around in the village and a trip to Dunelm before heading home.

 APR  24 SAT 

Jezz and I went to see Andy and David. It was Andy's birthday. We had lunch in their garden. It was a pleasant afternoon.

 APR  22 THU 

Sister Michèle came round this evening and we exchanged birthday presents. We had homemade lasagne and oven chips with apple crumble and custard for pudding. 

 APR  21 WED 

Jezz came home from work with a massive thank you gift. It's the Bosch Aquatak 135 Pressure Washer.

 APR  18 SUN 

Jezz and I had our second jab of the COVID vaccine. We then got our cards stamped and I laminated them when we got home. I keep mine in my wallet, next to my driving licence... not sure I'll use it but it's there now, in case I need to.

 APR  14 WED 

I think we've got a close as we can to replicating the taste and texture of the local baker's Florentine cakes. We make a slab and break it up and call them Florentine Shards.

 APR  1 THU 

My beautiful friend, Tim, turned up again today and jet-washed my car. A total surprise... what a love! I seriously love him.

 MAR  14 SAT 

My lovely sister, Michéle, treated me to some of my favourite tea bags; Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea and 32 Cadbury's Star Bars. Thank you so much. 

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