All together with Michèle at Dean's


 JAN  10 MON 

Our central heating stopped working Saturday morning here at waynealton Towers and it's been a tad chilly. I've cleaned that line up. But, thanks to a wonderful engineer, we're back and all toasty again.

 JAN  7 FRI 

The new website is up and on. It uses Freeola/Get Dotted's new online website builder, RQS. It's been a long slog since November because I've had to rebuild every page.

 DEC  25 SAT 

Jezz and I spent the afternoon with Nik and Caiger. We had a great time, food was excellent and it was a fun time with my sis.

 DEC  22 WED 

My world that is my daughter and two grandsomes (and Chris), came over for the afternoon and we ate and had fun together. They opened their presents from us and Kels let me drive her car and scratch an alloy wheel. Bless her.

 DEC  22 WED 

I had my first experience of driving the Tesla Model 3. It's my daughter's company car and it is just the most amazing car that I've ever driven. Features are beyond anything needed in a car and the power felt like driving the Lamborghini Gallardo.

 DEC  19 SUN 

I installed the latest video doorbell from ring. It's generation 4 and comes with pre-roll record which means it somehow records 6 seconds of video prior to the motion sensor recording. So clever. It's also got a much better camera for both day and night vision.

 DEC  18 SAT 

We bought a smart parcel box for outside of the home. The idea is that we no longer need to rely on Amazon lockers when buying stuff online and we can now order and have stuff delivered whether we're home or not.

 DEC  12 SUN 

Jezz and I went to Dean's house, having been invited by Michele for a Sunday family gathering. The house is amazing, meeting up and seeing everyone was fab, the food was so good and it was a brilliant afternoon.

 DEC  3 FRI 

Jezz and I went to The Comrades Club in Epsom for his work partner's retirement party, Janet. It was great meeting up with some of the partners from Waitrose who were at the wedding but also some new folk including Celia & Alan, Andy and his partner who are customers of Waitrose.

 NOV  28 SUN 

Nik, Jezz and I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition and had a really good day out. We bought a few bits, had a bite to eat and then headed back home. 

 NOV  26 FRI 

A trip to IKEA for a glass dome to display our cake topper and I came home with a new desk for my room. It was a really good price, only £89 for the desk and the extended top.

 NOV  26 FRI 

Jezz and I went to IKEA and got one of those domes they sell with the intent to store our cake topper. Looks quite neat.

 NOV  22 MON 

Jezz bought me these gorgeous silver cufflinks and the capsules unscrew to reveal a personal message in each of them. The left one says: H2B (hubby 2 be) and the wedding date and the letters in the right hand one: 2G4E+N4E+WWP stand for Together Forever And Never Forever Will We Part.

 NOV  22 MON 

Jezz came home with two beautiful gifts for me... bless him. A ceramic pretty scroll case holder for my marriage certificate. The other was a hanging ceramic 'just married' sign.

 NOV  10 WED 

Jezz and I booked into The Langshott Manor hotel in Horley for afternoon tea, a 3-course luxury meal, an overnight stay in an upgrade £320 a night hotel room and then a full English breakfast in the morning. A bath for two before checking out.

 NOV  6 SAT 

Jezz and I married. We were married by Betsey and Rachel from Brighton & Hove Registry Office. The ceremony and reception took place at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. We had 60 guests and it was a great success.



12 November 1924 - 12 April 2008

"The biggest loss in my life that is, and always will be... my dear father. He continues to live on inside of me: with his laughter in my mind and his love in my heart. Broken and lost, I spend the never-ending task of picking up the pieces... and re-living some of my most cherished memories that have Dad in them." ~ Wayne 


This section of the website is a tribute to those who have been near and dear to me and that have passed on. 


On Saturday 6th November 2021, Jezz and I got married. It was also a celebration of Jezz's 50th birthday and our 21st anniversary.


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