SEP  17 TUE 

Jezz joined the gym. He took the plunge and bought a year's membership at the local gym.

 SEP  12 THU 

Jezz and I went to Eastbourne and then Brighton. It was a great day and we shopped and ate in equal measure.

 SEP  9 MON 

Jezz and I installed the new ring video doorbell 2 this morning. We've exchanged it with the old one in the hope that it'll work more reliably than the classic doorbell we had.

 AUG  31 THU 

Jezz and I collected Nik and we all headed over to Amanda's for a planned visit. We had a catch-up and I took the frames Mother had given me to work on. At one point, Jezz took Oscar for a walk. Had a bite to eat and left and went to Nik's and had a Chinese takeaway.

 AUG  29 THU 

Jezz and I had a late lunch at Superfish in Cheam Village. It was £20 for both of us and included a pot of tea and fresh bread and butter.

 AUG  24 SAT 

Went to Michele's and met up with Mother, Amanda, Sara and Jodie. Anthony and his girlfriend Ciara were there also. Also met Elsie, their new dog. We had sausage and bacon and egg muffins.

 AUG  3 SAT 

Jezz, Amanda and I went to Brighton for the day. It just happened to be Brighton Pride too. We had breakfast in Bill's, a trip through the lanes, ice cream, a drink in The White Rabbit, watched some of the parade as it passed through North Road, went on the pier and played on the arcade games, had doughnuts and then drove home via an evening meal at The George in Henfield.



12 November 1924 - 12 April 2008 "The biggest loss in my life that is, and always will be... my dear father. He continues to live on inside of me: with his laughter in my mind and his love in my heart. Broken and lost, I spend the never-ending task of picking up the pieces... and re-living some of my most cherished memories that have Dad in them." ~ Wayne


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