JUL  18 THU 

I have spent a lot of time creating the glossary page. Here you'll find lots of topics, page titles and items that exist on the website but all of them should take you directly to the page where they reside.

 JUL  14 SUN 

Jezz and I spent his last day off before returning to work by shopping in Kingston High Street. We bought a few bits and had tea and cake in the John Lewis cafe shop. Stopped by at Tesco's on the way home too.

 JUL  13 SAT 

Jezz and I attend Alfie and Stacey's birthday gathering at The Woodman pub in Woodmansterne. It was nice to catch up with Barbara and Ron but think we'll give The Woodman a miss from now on as the service was non-existent.

 JUL  12 FRI 

As Jezz enjoys his week off, he suggests getting over the frenzy of the last two days and to continue with the relaxing, we go for lunch and he drove us to Botley Hill Farmhouse in Warlingham for lunch.

 JUL  11 THU 

We continue the two-day break by driving to Alton Towers Resort. Lots of walking, little queueing thanks to the fast track tickets, a lot of white-knuckle and hair-raising rides, we head home via a foot-long hot dog and a trip to the gift shop. Oh, and a five-hour drive because of motorway closures and two serious accidents.

 JUL  10 WED 

Jezz and I set off for a two-day breakaway. It started with a drive to Derby and the destination was a beautiful hotel and pub in Dalbury Lees called The Cow.

 JUL  8 MON 

Jezz and I enjoy another fun day out down in Brighton. The weather was perfect. We managed lunch, dinner and a bar. We shopped in the Lanes and went on the Pier, with plenty of breaks as my legs were hurting... a lot!

 JUL  3 WED 

For no particular reason, I decided to renew my passport. Not that I have anywhere planned to go, but I figured it might be good to have it ready, at least and just in case.

 JUN  25 TUE 

Went to a local Harvester and met with Gary. We had a starter and a main course each. I finally managed to give him his Easter egg.



12 November 1924 - 12 April 2008 "The biggest loss in my life that is, and always will be... my dear father. He continues to live on inside of me: with his laughter in my mind and his love in my heart. Broken and lost, I spend the never-ending task of picking up the pieces... and re-living some of my most cherished memories that have Dad in them." ~ Wayne


A page dedicated to those who have been near and dear to me and that have passed on. 


This page has links to almost all of the mini-videos that I have created over the years. Some are humorous, some are nostalgic and some are in memory of a loved one.


A controversial page dedicated to men with a certain attraction as they go about their day. As well as my own contributions, many photos that appear are submitted by fans of the page.


This page is all about the cars that I have either had the privilege to drive or ones that have owned or co-owned. Some of the pictures are of the actual car but of the ones where I didn't take a photo at the time: I have had some fun trying to find a picture that best matches the car.


Here's an iPhone app that started a trend of photo editing in comic strip style, just for a laff.


waynealton.com has its own recommendations page: if there's a business you're after, then have a look to see if we used the same line of work from someone... if they were fab, they'll be on this page!



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