Gwen Halls

 12 September 1920 - 15 August 2014

My wonderful Aunty Gwen, the last matriarchal figure in our family, passed away at 2.50pm on Friday 15 August 2014, aged 93. Fondly remembered, I will miss her stories down the telephone and her huge amount of fun from the gentle voice that never changed in all of my years of knowing her.

Aunty Gwen, daughter of my Grandmother and Dad's sister, lived most of her life in New Malden, Surrey and when she retired, she moved away to live in Cromer, Norfolk.

The book of remembrance at Kingston crematorium now has Aunty Gwen's entry:

The following is the script that I used to her eulogy read out at Aunty Gwen's funeral service:


Our Aunty Gwen was not just an auntie… she was a Mother, a friend and the best entertainer at family gatherings. Gwen’s sense of fun always fitted the moment. She was sharp and quick-witted and had the entire family organised on every occasion. If she was strict ever, we never experienced it. I remember that she was always fair and never took sides. Just knowing that Aunty Gwen was coming over at the weekend, or was going to be there on holiday with us, had us all excited. At Christmastime, Gwen was the instigator and would have everybody up dancing. She was instrumental at ensuring that the kids had their fun by bringing along a bag of presents for ‘pass the parcel.’
But she was also skilled at knowing how to treat us children at sad times. Through moments of raw sadness when family members passed away, Gwen was there to comfort us and ease the confusion and pain whilst discreetly dealing with her own.
As the years went by and we all moved homes, the contact naturally was less. But with Gwen, even that didn’t feel so bad! Because for every time we would call for a catchup and a natter, Gwen was still there… that exact same exciting voice we grew up with but more than that; her laughter. Each time I would hear her laughing… I laughed. Even now, as we all think of Gwen laughing, it forces a smile on our faces.
Fondest memory? I have a few but one of my favourites dates back as far the early 1980’s… In one telephone call, I was called three names before she finally got to mine… it went… “Brian, er Andy, er Jamie… er Wayne!” That line had us both laughing for years.
Aunty Gwen, thanks for 47 years of sheer fun and laughter… thanks for the memories.

Wayne put together this video of photos taken over the years of his Aunty Gwen.

This music is 'Feelings' by Dobie Gray