David G. Wallis


"If you could buy friendship, I wouldn't have been able to have afforded David's."

My Father figure that simply took over from where my own Daddy left off.

David was the strength when I felt weak; he made my sad moments glad, he gave me sound advice and mentored me through moments of uncertainty, he educated me better than any geography teacher had done and best of all, we both spent his last couple of years moaning the world to rights like the two perfect grumpy old men that we both were.
Nobody else but you David will understand not only how much I will miss you but what I will miss about you!
See you again one day!
Bye for now,

Wayne (one of your boys)

Daddy David... A Tribute

This is a script that I read from for David's eulogy, at his funeral service at Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, Brighton on
Friday 2nd December 2011 at 11.30am.


If I could sum up David in just two words, it would be:
Daddy David

I should explain that the name Daddy David derived from a phone call where he once referred to Jezz and me as 'his boys.' He said: "I'm coming up there to see my boys!" and I joked "ok then Daddy! Daddy David." And the name has stuck and somewhere along the way it was shortened to DD as well. But it was to be the paternal-style love that he had for us and his father figure presence that earned him the most respect that I have ever given to one person.

David was a walking talking encyclopaedia of knowledge, particularly around geography but also of places and facts about buildings. One recollection is of the harbour cruise between Dartmouth and Kingswear in Torquay when he would suddenly point his finger and announce: "You see that large house up there, in the hills? That once belonged to Agatha Christie you know?" For all places that we went to and stayed at, David was like a tour guide... Only, because of his voice and articulate dialogue, he was utterly compelling to listen to.

To give an example of how superb David was, with just his vocabulary alone: when I tell people of my fear of flying, I feel worse after comments like, "you're mad. It's the safest way to travel!" David said: "Wayne, we couldn't visit all of the beautiful places in this country in our lifetime!" But from that comment, we made a start... Days out to Hastings, Shoreham, Littlehampton and the short break to Torquay were going to be the first of many. The pain of knowing that there will be no more with him as my guide is quickly diluted by all of the wonderful memories of the good times we had with him.

David on food and wine. Who hasn't experienced David's wonderful cooking? And forever the ultimate host. Some of my favourite times with David was with his entertaining ways around a kitchen. In the style of a TV cook, I mean that as a television cook, he would teach me that a pinch of paprika or adding just a touch of ginger would make all the difference. And he was always right. More annoyingly, he was never wrong! And I mean with everything, not just cooking!

I often looked to David for moral guidance, advice on matters from finance to health and when I would ask for them, I respected his opinions but because he was always correct, all of the time, I found myself respecting them... Even when I hadn't asked.

David didn't need dragging into the digital age, he welcomed it with open arms. He was a very quick learner and it wasn't long before he was up and running and transferring his CD music collection to iTunes and then to his new iPod, sending and receiving emails, buying anything and everything online, giving his interest in photography a new lease of life and with his new digital camera, was taking and collecting pictures by the hundreds. David and I spent hours digitising some of his Father's projector slides to his computer, some of those photos have been used to create the order of service book. One of his favourite projects was transferring his trusty log of finances from a hand-written diary into a fully functioning multiple bank account, money database on the computer.  And it was to be through the use of his computer, that kept us in daily contact with each other. I revelled in his excitement of seeing himself for the first time on a video call. I still laugh out loud now when I think of the times that he would open a video call with a bucket over his head. He'd carry on with the conversation with me laughing uncontrollably and pretend that what I was seeing must be a problem with my screen at my end.
And never one for standing still, at one of his sleepover weekends at our place, he once remarked: "why have you got two monitors?" I hadn't finished my reply before he interrupted: "why haven't I got two monitors?" So, sure enough, and shortly afterwards; he got two monitors with his next computer. And then most recently, his new iPad. Despite him telling me several times that "if it doesn't behave itself, I'm throwing it over the balcony!" He got to grips with it in the end... Never one to be out-beaten, our David.

I wasn't sure about mentioning this but it's too important to leave out... None of us really know what to say or how to behave around someone who is grieving but when I lost my father in 2008, it was David who was instrumental in helping me to hold it together. His compassion, reassuring. His wisdom, consoling, his voice, soothing, he held and comforted me as if he were an angel. He was the boulder of sheer strength that was just there, available freely, any time of the day and even through the night. Just outstanding.

I will never take for granted the perfect friendship that I had with David in the last 6 and a half years. Hardly a difference of opinion and never a cross word. I feel so very lucky.
If you could buy friendship, I wouldn't have been able to have afforded David's.

I can't describe how I will miss him but I'll give it a go!

Like a Wise without his Morecambe (and for the younger ones here amongst us, that's like Ant without Dec).
Like a Flannigan without his Allen,
Like a Taylor without her Burton and
Like a Johnnie without his Fanny. Craddock, Johnnie and Fanny Craddock.

Goodbye my life-coach, my mentor… I aspire to be you, DD.
Goodbye, my friend.

David's Order Of Service Book

This is the funeral service book that Wayne created in honour of his wonderful friend. it includes beautiful tributes from friends and family that knew David well.

Without You Daddy David

13 November 2011
This collage of photos and music is a tribute to my favourite friend, David Wallis, known to us as Daddy David. Our friendship started in April 2005 through to November 2011 and has so many cherished memories.

I'm Taking The Day Out With My Daddy David

5 December 2011
This next collection of photos are another tribute to the memories that I have of my most missed friend, David. It shows off all of the places we've been to together with Jezz from days out to short breaks away.

DD and Me - Aboard The Enterprise

8 April 2005

DD and I set our selves up on the sofa and rehearsed the acting that is performed aboard the Enterprise on the old series of Star Trek. When the starship was hit by a missile or torpedo from another ship, the actors moved in one direction and the camera moved in the opposite direction... needless to say, they had it down to a fine art but I still love DD and my effort.

DD and me

18 February 2009

Just another wonderful moment captured on video forever.

Photos of David Wallis - The Younger Years

These photos were acquired after David died. They were given to me by his family and helped to create the funeral service book. They show David in his younger years right back to when he was a baby.

Photos of David Wallis

Here are some great photos of our dear friend, David.