Eating Out

This page shows mainly of the places that Wayne with his friends and family have eaten in. It grades them and not all are recommended.


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Agra Tandoori

142 Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT6 6HE

Food: 9 | Quality:| Service: 10 | Ambience: 9 | Value: 10 | Total: 47

8 September 1995

I went here with Vicki and her Aunty Irene and Uncle Brian. It was their local Indian restaurant in Surbiton (before they moved away) and from all that I can remember (and it was 25 years ago) it was excellent. Food, service and value were all amazing. And it's testament of their quality because the business is still there to this day (July 2020).

Akash Tandoori

145 Stafford Road, Wallington, SM6 9BN

Food: 10 | Quality:| Service: | Ambience: 8 | Value: | Total: 38

22 May 2016

Jezz and I have used this place as a take away collection but we have also dined inside as well. The staff are friendly and the food is excellent. I have been disappointed with the waiting times sometimes, both for collection and eating in but I love the food so I'm thinking the wait is worth it.

Al Forno

107 High Street, New Malden, KT3 4BP

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: | Ambience: 7 | Value: | Total: 43

9 April 2019

I went for lunch with Tim and his son, Domenic. I had lasagne, Domenic had a pizza and Tim had a prawn dish. It was my second time there on this occasion and it was every bit as excellent as my first impression. Just everything was fine.

The Apple Tree

Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross, SL9 7AH

Food: 9 | Quality:| Service: | Ambience: 9 | Value: | Total: 44

22 June 2006

I was running an errand for someone who lives in Gerrards Cross and was with Simon at the time. We stopped off here for lunch and it was perfect. It seemed like a Beefeater at first but was so much better. Staff were courteous, friendly and efficient, food was excellent and the whole lunchtime experience was superb.

ASK Italian

46/50 High Street, Reigate, RH2 9AT

Food: 8 | Quality: | Service: | Ambience: 7 | Value: | Total: 39

27 June 2018

Another one of those stopping off for lunch and getting something to eat. As much as I thought of this as an evening dining kind of place... this was excellent. Informal, polite and friendly staff greeted us and we ordered quickly and it arrived quickly too. All fresh and excellent food. I can imagine that it would be a bit uncomfortable if it was very busy, but it wasn't so it was just right for us.


Beijing Garden

33-37 Malden Road, Cheam, Sutton, SM3 8QW

Food: 9 | Quality:| Service:| Ambience: 6 | Value:| Total: 34

22 July 2015

I first came here in the late 90s and enjoyed returning for many years. The food is great, quality and atmosphere is fine and great value. What let this down and stopped me going was the appalling service that I experienced once when trying to impress two others. We ended up leaving and speaking with Ann (the owner) on the phone the next day.


The Depot, 100 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YE

Food: 9 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value:| Total: 46

20 April 2019

Jezz and I have been here twice now. The first time was so early that it had just opened for that day, around 8.30am. We had the full English and it was absolutely perfect. The staff are one of the most friendly of any restaurant that I have ever dined in. The atmosphere and decor fit perfectly and it's not too expensive. The second we went we took Amanda and it was slightly later and a lot busier so I feel if you want a lively atmosphere then turning up later with a possible queue is on the cards. Personally, I loved the quiet with the quality.

The Black Swan

Old Brighton Road North, Pease Pottage, Crawley, RH11 9AJ

Food: 8 | Quality:| Service:| Ambience: 8 | Value:| Total: 40

10 June 2012

I've been here twice now and on both ocassions met with Vicki. The first time was alone but again in 2017, with Jezz. The food is excellent, especially the Sunday roasts, service is lovely and the layout of the gastro pub is just fine. It wasn't cheap or expensive. Would definitely return there again.

Blossom House

340 Limpsfield Road, South Croydon, CR2 9BX

Food: 8 | Quality:| Service:| Ambience: 8 | Value:| Total: 39

30 May 2015

I've only been here once and it was with Jezz. We were invited by Kate, Lizz and Vicki (sisters) who were celebrating an anniversary of their Mum's birthday. Restaurant was everything you expect from a Chinese restaurant, fine food and service, reasonably priced and a good atmosphere.

The Blue Anchor

Dorking Road, Tadworth, KT20 5SL

Food: 9 | Quality: 10 | Service:| Ambience: 7 | Value: 6 | Total: 40

15 July 2001

Jezz and I went here a few times when we were wanting to entertain others and this pub is good enough to impress. The food was better than expected, decor is lovely, it's clean and tidy and the staff are efficient too. Fairly pricy but to be fair, it's a better class of establishment so we were happy to pay for what we got.

Botley Hill Farmhouse

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, CR6 9QH

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service:| Ambience: 7 | Value:| Total: 42

12 July 2019

This place is just perfect. There's a small farmhouse to the side of the main building. The pub restaurant is beautiful, complete with log fire. The food is excellent, service is great and it's a lovely atmosphere. It's an excellent place and I have every intention of returning again sometime.

Broadway Cafe

66 Tolworth Broadway, Tolworth, KT6 7HR

Food: 7 | Quality: 6 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 35

17 June 2018

I was on my own and looking for somewhere to have something hot to eat. I was coming through Tolworth and parked up and noticed a few cafes. It was a Sunday and I fancied a roast lunch. The sign outside said traditional Sunday roast so I went in and ordered the roast beef. It was pretty much made up on the spot but it tasted great anyway... so thumbs up, I say.


3 Charter Quay, Jerome Place, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1HT

Food: 8 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 38

31 July 2011

I have only been once and that was with Michele, Anthony and Jezz. I remember it was really nice, cosy, posh but not pretentious and the food was great. I can't remember the quality of the service but if it was bad, I'm sure I would have remembered.


Cafe La Cigale

23 Castle Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1ST

Food: 6 | Quality: 5 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 10 | Total: 33

7 August 2019

This cafe is basic and with no frills but I have to say, it had hot food, full English breakfast and was very cheap. It's a good place to stop for a quick bite but there is a rival cafe opposite that was slightly nicer.

Cafe Rococo

111 St James's Street, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1TH

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 38

18 July 2008

Jezz and I went here with David for a hot drink and a snack. It's a nice place for a quick stop and it was gay-friendly of course.

Cafe Rouge [Brighton Marina]

Unit 6 The Waterfront, Brighton Marina, Brighton BN2 5WA

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 42

9 April 2005

I first visited this restaurant with David W and Jezz in 2005. The food is absolutely perfect and the service is nice. It can be a bit family orientated but generally, it's a quiet and pleasant place to eat.

Cafe Rouge [The Lanes]

24 Prince Albert Street, Brighton, BN1 1HF

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 5 | Total: 35

26 October 2006

This was not a memorable dining experience so I have to assume it wasn't all that. As Cafe Rouge experiences go, it won't have had too many issues and I would probably go back there again.

Cafe Royale

17 Tudor Drive, Morden, SM4 4PD

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 37

17 January 2018

I have been twice now, once with sister Nikki and once with Tim. It's a nice place to have a full English breakfast. Staff are pleasant and the food is good.

The California [formerly The Belmont]

267 Brighton Road, Belmont, Sutton, SM2 5SU

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 5 | Total: 34

6 July 1998

I have only been to this venue three times. Each time I did have something to eat and the general atmosphere of the pub seemed fairly average, nothing memorable. However, around 2015, I was driving with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time and we were looking for somewhere to eat and have a catch up. The car park is chargeable (and possibly refundable when paying for a meal there.) I foudn this extremely off-putting and have never been back there since.

The Camelford Arms

30-31 Camelford Street, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1TQ

Food: 1 | Quality: 2 | Service: 1 | Ambience: 1 | Value: 1 | Total: 6

20 April 2019

As expected, most gay bars tend to be slightly more pricey. But then, when you ask for a bag of crisps and are charged £1.85... that is a rip-off. Atmosphere and decor is not good, sticky at best and a lick of paint wouldn't go a miss! A pretentious gay bar with nothing to be pretentious about.

Carats Cafe Bar

Basin Road South, Southwick, Brighton, BN41 1WD

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 9 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 44

11 June 2010

I have been almost everytime we drove down to Brighton and Carats was usually our first stop. A full English breakfast to start off the day. The portions are generous, the food is piping hot and the place is clean and tidy all of the time. I absolutely love it here and we take anyone new there when they come to Brighton with us. Also, the staff are usually very good looking too!

The Chilli Pickle

17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE

Food: 5 | Quality: 5 | Service: 5 | Ambience: 4 | Value: 3 | Total: 22

12 September 2019

Thinking outside of the box once more, Jezz and I were looking for somewhere to eat that we hadn't been to before. We took the plunge and went in to this place. The bench style seats and tables made it feel like a college canteen and with the oldest person in the place being me, it really felt like a place for students. The menu wasn't versatile enough for me and I went with a set dish. It was ok but fiddily to eat. It was also overpriced for what it was. Shame!

The Chocolate Frog

Oakhanger, Bordon, GU35 9JA

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 4 | Total: 34

17 April 2018

Jezz and I first went here to meet up with Amanda as she was introducing us to the place. It's really quaint and has a gift shop next door too. The staff were pleasant and the food was nice. We were only disappointed by how expensive it was, which spoiled it slightly... but nice company.

Coach House Cafe

Coombe Wood, Conduit Lane, Croydon, CR0 5RQ

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 42

8 April 2010

This cafe was taken over by an old school mate and to date (July 2020), he is the current owner. The place is filled with cosy warm furnishings that look welcoming and are comfortable. It's laid out nicely to cater for groups of people or small tables for two. The service is more than adequate, the food is great and all reasonably priced.

Coombe Lodge Beefeater

104 Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 5RB

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 36

22 August 2011

Been here several times and always enjoyed it. Jezz and I have been lunchtimes, brought one other with us twice and he had a bithday celebration gathering in one of the private rooms. Service was good, food was fair and it wasn't over-priced... good all-rounder.

Côte Brasserie

115-116 Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UD

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 36

23 November 2011

I actually really liked it here. Food, service and atmosphere were all ok. Price was just ok but I've had a real problem with this chain since I heard that they take the tips and the waiting staff only get a percentage of it. Hmm. I've boycotted them ever since.

The Cricketers (Harvester)

36 Addington Village Road, Croydon, CR0 5AQ

Food: 5 | Quality: 5 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 30

18 November 2013

This is only just good enough if meeting up with someone for a bite to eat, a drink and a catch up is all that is needed. The restaurant is tired looking, the food is a standard as it gets (most Harvesters then) and no atmosphere. Some of the staff are friendly and for what you get the value is ok.


The Dining Room

10 Queens Rd, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 5LS

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 48

18 April 2006

Nick W introduced Jezz and I to this amazing restaurant in Hersham. It was established in 1984 and the one owner kept it going until 2014 when she decided to retire. I'm surprised it was taken over by someone else. It was always busy when we went there, which was about 4 occasions. Everything about this place was almost magical, the food was exceptional and this was one of the best places to go for an active and terrific atmosphere.


1-3 Brighton Place, Brighton, BN1 1HJ

Food: 9 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 47

8 April 2005

I went to this great Italian restaurant with Jezz and David W. From all that I can remember (because it was 15 years ago, as I write this), it was amazing. Food, service, quality were all of a high standard.

Don Corleone

24 Castle Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1SS

Food: 9 | Quality: 7 | Service: 9 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 10 | Total: 40

17 October 2017

If Jezz and I want a full English cooked breakfast and we're in Kingston, this cafe tends to be the preferred choice. It lacks atmosphere and the decor is drab and old looking but for that reason and the fact that the food is fresh, non-greasy and is hot... are the qualities that make me go back. After all, it is a perfect example of an old-fashioned basic English cafe.

Dormy House Hotel

Cromer Road, West Runton, Cromer, NR27 9QA

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 5 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 7 | Total: 32

20 June 2021

In Norfolk visiting relatives. They treated us to a Sunday roast carvery. The arrangement for choosing and serving owing to the coronavirus was a bit confusing. the food was pleasant and warm and adequate.

Double Bubble Cafe

408 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London, SW18 4HP

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 37

2 July 2016

We were on our way back from the dentist and feeling hungry and so we stopped off at this place that we pass every time we go to the dentist. Food and value was everything you expect from a typical cafe that sells a good full English.

The Dragon

Forest Road, Horsham, RH12 4SY

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 44

5 October 2011

I have been here twice, both with Jezz... once to meet with Vicki for lunch and another time with Debbie, Kelly and Kes. The lunch was superb, food excellent and service good. We had a burger in the evening and that was excellent too.


The Emperor

71-73 Stonecot Hill, Sutton, SM3 9HJ

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 9 | Ambience: 9 | Value: 9 | Total: 45

17 April 2006

This is a superb Chinese restaurant and I loved every part of it. The service, food and atmosphere were all spot on. We've been back a couple of times and had a collection from there too.


Frank B's Diner

Bentall's Centre, Wood Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1TP

Food: 9 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 8 | Total: 40

19 November 2013

Nikki, Jezz and I settled on this restaurant after walking around looking for somewhere to get something hot to eat for lunch. It's closed now but once was a busy American diner-styled cafe that typically sold slides and fries. I loved it. Quality and atmosphere stood out.

The Full Monty Cafe

207 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 3EA

Food: 9 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 8 | Total: 39

18 April 2017

This was the first venue for my 50th birthday day out. Nikki, Jezz and I stopped early morning for a full-English breakfast. Everything was terrific. Loved it completely.



19 Prince Albert Street, Brighton, BN1 1HF

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 7 | Total: 37

8 July 2019

Jezz and I spent one of our days out in Brighton and for the evening meal, after walking aorund the Lanes looking for somewhere to eat, we settled upon Gars. It's a small shop front and restaurant isn't that much bigger but there was an upstairs. The food was excellent and service nice. The atmosphere was terrific particularly as on this day, Chris Eubank Jnr. turned up and ate across from our table. He is handsome.

The George Inn Harvester

Epsom Road, Morden, SM4 5PJ

Food: 5 | Quality: 4 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 3 | Value: 7 | Total: 21

19 July 2005

Considering the ratings given for this place, I cannot believe that we went there as often as did. I mean so often that we knew the names of the staff and some of them knew ours. Food was poor, tasteless and only ever warm, tea was worse, service was as good as it could get with the amount they ever had on per shift, noisy unwelcoming environment but it was cheap.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

68 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 4HP

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 7 | Total: 47

30 June 2015

This is just one of the nicest places that I have ever been to. We were given a huge generous gift voucher from Barry and his wife, Melinda. We met Barry at our previous property where he was the gardening and cleaning maintainence contractor.

The great thing about any Gordon Ramsay restaurant is that your expectations start quite high because of how he portrays his passion and excellence for an efficient restaurant and it is exactly that you see, feel, smell and breathe from decor, plush furnishings, attitude and extremely high standards of service from the waiting staff. Then the food comes along..! Each plate of food is presented like a work of art. Minute details of perfection hits your vision with amazement and I am quite sure that I gasped at one point! Everything tasted so incredibly fresh and like no other dining experience, I felt that I had connected with the food in a way that I simply cannot explain. All I can say is, and sorry to be vulgar about mentioning the price at all, but we spent £225 and were not disappointed.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK

Unit 2 The Boardwalk, The Waterfront, Brighton Marina, Brighton, BN2 5WA

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 7 | Total: 38

13 July 2016

After a morning's go-karting in Lancing, with Harrison and Jezz, we headed back toward Brighton Marina. We stopped at what my diary refers to as the 'Coast To Coast' American diner restaurant, but it is now a GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). The food, atmosphere and service were all pretty good and I enjoyed it. I'd go again, so long as it wasn't too busy inside.

The Grange

Beddington Park, London Road, Wallington, SM6 7BT

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 35

13 July 1994

I have been to this restaurant on several occasions. I've been for a meal with Jezz, Sarah B., Sarah W., Sarah B and Karen and two of their friends for a drink and even my sister's wedding reception. It was named Henry's Table for a while also. If you turn up not expecting too much, you'll not be disappointed... that's my advice. Food is pleasant and adequate and the service is nice.

The Grasshopper Inn

Westerham Rd, Tatsfield, Westerham TN16 2EU


Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 42

10 July 2017

I looked this pub up online and learned that it's been there since 1271. It must be one of the oldest UK pubs. This place has a massive car park. The staff are friendly and helpful. The food is good, the ambience is perfect inside and out and we didn't spend a fortune. It's an all-round great place to stop and have something to eat and drink.

Grasshopper On The Green

The Green, Westerham, TN16 1AS


Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 7 | Total: 41

19 March 2006

I've been going to this cute little pub for years now. It's friendly, warm and cosy and the food is excellent. We've eaten quick pub grub style, burger and chips with a pint and have dined upstairs which has more of a restaurant feel.


The Halfway Bridge Inn

Lodsworth, Petworth, GU28 9BP

Food: 9 | Quality: 10 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 9 | Value: 6 | Total: 40

18 April 2012

I was taken here as a birthday treat and it was wonderful. An exceptional fine dining experience. Everything was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.

Heathside Brewers Fayre

Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Tadworth, KT20 6BW

Food: 6 | Quality: 5 | Service: 5 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 10 | Total: 33

15 May 2017

Ok... now this is an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and it's a bit no frills. The food is great, you help yourself to cereal, drinks and toast and a server will come over and take your order for hot food, made fresh to order. The atmosphere is all but dead but to be fair, it was first thing in the morning and it only attracts hotel stayers and builders who are starting early. But I liked it.

Hog's Back

Hog's Back, Seale, Farnham GU10 1HQ

Food: 9 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 38

4 May 2006

I've been here plenty of time and have eaten in the cafe and had the odd take away too. Food is always excellent (especially the chips). It's not as cheap as it should be for a diner cafe... but then again, it's a business and it's convenient so maybe it's worth paying the extra.

Hogsmill Tavern

Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 7PY

Food: 6 | Quality: 6 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 30

12 April 2006

I went with Tim to this pub for lunch. It was too long ago to remember but as with some other venues on this page, it must have been ok or I would be remembering something disastrous.

Holiday Inn

Gibson Road, London, Sutton, SM1 2RF

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 46

12 April 2009

We've been only twice and both for a family birthday meal, mine was one and Michele's was the other. The restaurant is on the ground floor of the hotel and the food is a carvery. It's excellent and really good value. It doesn't seem that well known or advertised well but for anyone that knows me, that makes it all the better. Atmosphere is perfect for this one and excellent value for money.

Honeywood Museum

Honeywood Walk, Carshalton, SM5 3NX

Food: 5 | Quality: 5 | Service: 5 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 7 | Total: 28

24 October 2006

For a tea shop, it was very basic. No food when we arrived. The view that overlooks Carshalton Ponds was lovely. Score is reflective of the overall service and with no offer of food, it was a bit bleak.


Il Laghetto

17 High Street, Ewell, KT17 1SB

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 50

5 November 2013

I can't score this restaurant any less. It was perfect in every detail. The food, the service, the atmosphere... even value. I'm just so gutted that it has closed forever. We managed to go here just three times.

The Inn On The Green

Stane Street, Dorking, RH5 5TD

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 9 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 49

5 August 2018

As we were driving around Dorking, we stumbled upon this gorgeous countryside pub. Feeling hungry we quickly ordered ham, egg and chips and had a pint each. It was perfect. The food and service were supreme. I want to go back there again.


Kooks Restaurant

56 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 50

13 May 2021

So many times in Brighton, we've passed this place but this time we decided to try them out and OMG... I think I may have found my most favourite beef burger of all time. This is off the scale... beef burger, cheddar, homemade red onion marmalade, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, brioche and all served with twice cooked chips.


La Banca

52 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3NW

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 7 | Total: 43

2 September 2018

I have only been here once and that was with Jezz and Nikki. It is a fabulous Italian restaurant and the food is superb. The service and atmosphere were really nice and it wasn't too expensive.

The Little Brown Jug

Chiddingstone Causeway, Tonbridge, TN11 8JJ

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 8 | Total: 45

13 May 2018

On one our days out, driving and looking for somewhere to have lunch, Jezz and I drove out as far as Tonbridge and found this gorgeous family pub. The grounds seemed huge and there were a lot of people there with their children. But this didn't put us off because the barman found us a small corner inside and completely looked after us. We had roast beef and it was fabulous.



320-322 Lewisham Road, London, SE13 7PA

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 50

8 July 2014

I went here just once and have had every intention to go again. I met the famous Maggie and a photo taken with her. The atmosphere is great, the food is superb and every bit a traditional English cafe. The servings are huge and the price is amazingly cheap so excellent all-round. I recommend the 'create your own breakfast' for £6.95.

The Mill (Harvester)

1 Windmill Road, Mitcham, CR4 1HT

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 34

9 July 2014

When Jezz and I visited this place (a few times) as the Harvester, it was a great place to stop off and grab a hot meal and the salad cart was always inviting. It changed to a Miller & Carter and everything changed. The prices were suddenly way too expensive, the venue became stuffy, dark and unpleasant. We never went back.

Mimi E Coco

22A Ewell Road, Cheam, SM3 8BU

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 46

21 April 2005

We have been here a few times now and it's always an experience. It's one of the most liveliest atmospheres in any restaurant that I've been in. The staff continually interact with their customers and the entire restaurant. the food is ace (recommend the veal escalope) and it's not too expensive either.

The Mint

Park Road, Banstead SM7 3DS

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 5 | Total: 30

7 July 2005

I think I've been going here as early the mid 90s but first recorded meal was 2005. When it was just a wonderful old fashioned style pub selling good pub grub, it was excellent.But a lot of these places are turning to a more lean cuisine commercial venue, identical to one another with nothing unique anymore... and The Mint was first to do this. Having been used to turning up unannounced for years and then suddenly being asked if we've booked, accompanied with a frosty response when we said we hadn't and never had before... made it our last time there, sometime in 2012.

The Moon-on-the-Hill

5-9 Hill Road, Sutton, SM1 1DZ

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 9 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 9 | Total: 40

12 April 2016

I never have much time for Weatherspoons, particularly with the bad reputation they have for pubs for drunks. When I working in Sutton, this was our go-to pub at lunchtimes and sometimes after work. The Weston's Cider was a favourite of mine (when I drank in volume) and the food was just a compliment to an afternoon of drinking. I remember the burgers were always perfect. We've been here a couple of times on theme nights that have coincided with a birthday celebration, one was a steak night for Michele's birthday. Considering how busy they get and generally the correctness of orders and speed that the food come out of the kitchen, this deserves a good review.


The New Inn

59 Station Approach, Hayes, Bromley, BR2 7EA

Food: 8 | Quality: 9 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 7 | Total: 39

23 August 2015

Jezz and I went here just the once to meet up with Katie and family for her 47th birthday. The place is really luxurious looking, the tables are separated nicely so you feel your party is away from others. The food was excellent, service reasonable considering how busy they were and it wasn't expensive. Pretty good all round.



3 Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1BQ

Food: 1 | Quality: 0 | Service: 1 | Ambience: 0 | Value: 3 | Total: 5

12 April 2016

This is the most hopeless and useless place we have ever stopped off at. The service is abysmal, the food was almost non-existent, the place was filthy and sticky and I will never go there again. I don't know how the f**k it has survived!


Kings Shade Walk, High Street, Epsom, KT19 8EB

Food: 7 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 36

27 June 2017

I met with Jezz as a surprise and we were unsure of where to stop and eat. We stumbled upon this place and the choices were unusual for me, seeing as I'm used a greasy spoon menu but Organico is something different... and in a refreshing way. Food was lovely, ambience in the eating area was nice and cosy (if you like that) and it was all reasonably priced too.


Park Place

54 Commonside West, Mitcham, CR4 4HB

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 30

13 July 2009

Park Place for many years was the go to place for a gathering. It's unique in so far as there are individual rooms catering for anything from 4 to 40 people. I had my 40th birthday gathering here and 27 turned up. Sister Nikki had her 40th here too, Stacey had a birthday here and so was Dad's 81st. It's been a Harvester and a Toby Carvery, the staff seem to stay the same and the food is always acceptable. Atmosphere is pretty good each time and it is good value for money.

The Pickhurst

Pickhurst Lane, West Wickham, BR4 0HH

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 8 | Total: 39

9 May 2014

I had been to this place twice and both with Gary. The second time, later in the year, it had changed to a carvery which was still nice. The food was always lovely here and the service and atmosphere was just right. It has since changed to a Miller & Carter, which I hate, so won't be going back anytime soon.

Plaice To Eat

86 High Street, Epsom, KT19 8BA

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 37

19 August 2018

Jezz and I have been here twice now. The take away chips are superb. The restaurant area is narrow and beyond the take away area. The food is freshly cooked to order, the service is just right and it is really good value for money.

Potter's Inn

Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett, Camberley, GU16 6DD

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 37

20 April 2015

This was a family gathering for Michele's and my birthdays. The place was pleasant but it is a family restaurant so sure enough, within minutes, children arrived at other tables. I try not to let it spoil the dining experience but it does. Food was nice, service adequate and reasonable value.



189 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3DH

Food: 10 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 10 | Total: 43

14 July 2018

Jezz and I stumbled on this place, looking for something to eat whilst spending a day in Eastbourne. We just wanted simple fish chips with no frills and that's exactly what this place is. The food is excellent, quality just sound, service is adequate, atmosphere where it needs to be and value just superb.


The Rambler's Rest

Outwood Lane, Chipstead, Coulsdon, CR5 3NP

Food: 4 | Quality: 3 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 5 | Total: 25

2 June 2016

Jezz and I stayed local and looked for restaurants or gastro pubs to have lunch in and we stopped at The Rambler's Rest. It was extremely disappointing. The service was ok and decor and layout was fine but the food was appalling. It was greasy and almost inedible.

Red Barn

Tandridge Lane, Blindley Heath, Lingfield, RH7 6LL

Food: 6 | Quality: 5 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 4 | Value: 2 | Total: 25

14 July 2018

Jezz and I spent the day together and started off by driving out to a pub for breakfast. We stumbled upon The Red Barn in Lingfield, on the way to Eastbourne. I had Full English, Cumberland sausage, eggs, bacon, black pudding, beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms & toast which was £10.50 and Jezz had Severn & Wye smoked salmon served on a toasted English muffin, poached heritage egg, hollandaise sauce that was £8.50.

Rubbing House

34 Langley Vale Rd, Epsom KT18 5LJ

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 7 | Total: 42

19 June 2006

This was a fmaily gathering in 2006 and I remember it was so nice... better than a Beefeater and a Harvester. This time, today in fact (8 July 2020), I went with my sister Nikki and it was excellent. I love it. The food is superb, layout and decor clean and just lovely. I don't know if they've separated the tables further apart than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic or if that is the layout... but it is just lovely. Service was ok, little wait and as we'd not ordered a starter, that started to notice... just as it turned up! Would definitely go again.

Rumblin' Tums Inn

5A, 5B, Beddington Gardens, Wallington, SM6 0HU

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 38

24 September 2005

Living close by to this cafe meant that we were in there a lot. The food and service are great and it was all reasonably priced.



4 Beeches Avenue, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3LF

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 10 | Total: 50

9 May 1996

This is my favourite Indian restaurant. I have been here at least 20 times and I love it every single time. The staff recognise me which is always a nice feeling. The food is the best Indian food that I have tasted, the restaurant is beautifully laid out (before and after the refit), the atmosphere is perfect and I feel that is exceptional value for money.

The Sheep Shed

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, CR6 9QH

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Value: 8 | Total: 44

13 May 2018

Jezz and I went here looking for a quick bite to eat at lunchtime. It was excellent. Hot paninis and baps with hot and cold drinks. Really lovely and friendly service too.

The Shy Horse

423 Leatherhead Road, Chessington, KT9 2NQ

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 8 | Total: 34

10 September 2019

Once again, Jezz and I were out looking for somewhere to go for lunch (that we hadn't been to before). We found The Shy Horse and it was excellent. Food, service, atmosphere all brilliant. Would go again, definitely.

The Silverspoon Diner

2a Tattenham Crescent, Epsom, KT18 5QG

Food: 10 | Quality: 10 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 9 | Total: 46

2 July 2014

This is my favourite café diner. It has the best staff for a pleasant service, the food is cafe-style but looks and tastes so much better. I describe the food as clean and not greasy. The decor is neatly fitted with American-styled bench seats and as booths. There's subtle blue LED lighting around the place too. The meals are so reasonably priced... the bubble is perfect and I also recommend the chicken curry (but with chips instead of rice.)

Skimmington Castle

Bonnys Road, Reigate, RH2 8RL

Food: 8 | Quality: 6 | Service: 4 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 7 | Total: 31

25 September 2005

Out to impress my daughter and a couple of others who hadn't been here before, Nick and I reserved a table, requested non-smoking. We arrived on time but were told that only a smoking table was available. We left not eating there that day, nor we did we return. On a lighter note, when Nick and I have eaten there before, the food was always perfect, especially their Sunday roast lunches.

The Slug & Lettuce

Unit 6 Charter Quay, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1HL

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 6 | Total: 34

13 May 2012

I went here Michael D and my daughter Kelly. It's now called Henry's but from all that I can remember, it was a really nice place, clean and the food was nice.

The Star

Kingston Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0DP

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 6 | Total: 34

20 February 2018

Jezz and I were so impressed with how nice this restaurant was, we went back two days later. Again, food, service, atmosphere were all to a high standard. Really enjoyable experience.

Sunshine Cafe

244 Kingston Road, New Malden, KT3 3RN

Food: 4 | Quality: 3 | Service: 4 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 7 | Total: 23

12 April 2019

The one and only time I went to this cafe was with Michèle and it was her birthday too. It didn't disappoint... the service was pleasant, food was nice and it was clean and tidy. I would stop by there again.


64 The Broadway, Cheam Village, Sutton, SM3 8BD

Food: 8 | Quality: 8 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 8 | Value: 10 | Total: 44

29 August 2019

I've been here on my own and with Jezz and once again with Nick. The service is superb, it's friendly and pleasant. Simple fish and chips with no frills... it's just excellent. Served very fresh. Price is excellent too.


Tattenham Corner Beefeater

Epsom Downs, Tattenham Crescent, Epsom KT18 5NY

Food: 4 | Quality: 3 | Service: 4 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 7 | Total: 23

6 July 1990

I have been going here for years and years. The family have chosen this restaurant for many birthday celebrations including my 40th birthday family gathering. Sadly though, over the years the restaurant has progressively got worse. The service is poor, the food is bog standard and sometimes doesn't arrive at the table hot enough and the general decor and atmosphere has all but gone!

The Thatched Inn

Grand Ave, Hassocks, BN6 8DH

Food: 7 | Quality: 6 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 6 | Value: 8 | Total: 33

18 April 2017

This was the restaurant that Jezz, Nikki and I decided to stop off at for dinner, before coming home from a day out in Brighton. The food was pretty standard but was nice. The service was ok and the atmosphere was pretty average.

Toby Carvery

45 Cheam Road, Ewell, Epsom, KT17 1QZ

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 6 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 8 | Total: 39

12 April 2007

We've been here a few times and it's always place to meet for a birthday gathering. The place is big and there's always somewhere to sit so that we are all together. The carvery is really nice and they keep it all well stocked. Nice choice of meats and gravy and with plenty of vegetables.



50 Clarence Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1NR

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 7 | Total: 28

7 August 2019

Jezz and I thought we'd try this place out... it's not something I'd usually do but it was a pleasant surprise. The food was nice and they sell savoury dishes as well as the sweet waffles and pastries. I really enjoyed it and yet wouldn't race back there again but I would if I was with someone else who wanted to.

Well House Inn

Chipstead Lane, Coulsdon, CR5 3SQ

Food: 6 | Quality: 9 | Service: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Value: 5 | Total: 35

30 January 2013

I've been to this gastro pub for years, probably as early as 1990 with my sister, Nikki. I started going there again with Jezz in 2013 and have been a couple of times since. But... and it's a big wobbly but... they refurbished the place and it became less of an old-style country pub that I've always loved, to something completely different. It's now a smart and plush restaurant in a pub! I'm not sure I like it. The service and food were faultless though.

Whispering Moon

25 Ross Parade, Wallington, SM6 8QF

Food: 7 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 8 | Total: 34

1 August 1995

I've only been in here a couple of times, despite it being close by to where I once lived. I had lunch with Sarah W here once too. It's another Weatherspoon's so it is what it is.


23 The Broadway, Cheam, Sutton, SM3 8BH

Food: 9 | Quality: 9 | Service: 10 | Ambience: 9 | Value: 8 | Total: 45

6 November 2018

I went here with Nikki, Harrison and Jezz for Jezz's birthday. It wasn't planned and it had just opened for the day. The service, food, quality and atmosphere were all excellent.


Woodmansterne Street, Banstead, SM7 3NL

Food: 5 | Quality: 0 | Service: 0 | Ambience: 0 | Value: 0 | Total: 5

6 January 1990

Once again, I have visited this pub dozens of times and was always pleased to be here. However, a review is only as good as your last visit which was so disastrous that I will never ever return here again! It was for my niece's birthday and there a lot of us so we knew that food orders were going to be time consuming. After two hours of waiting, everyone gave up and were starting to demand their money back. I was sensible enough not to order anything and decided that we would just be there to show our faces but would get something to eat on the way home. The staff were too young, too uneducated and showed no sign of an apology. In fact, despite doing the best they could, it was not good enough to register on my review board. I would even advise against ever going here... until new management take over!



57 South End, Croydon, CR0 1BF

Food: 8 | Quality: 7 | Service: 7 | Ambience: 5 | Value: 7 | Total: 34

8 September 2005

I went here with Mike O on time and another time with Nick W and Jezz. The food was great and the service ok. There was a noisy table ahead of us and this spoiled the experience but I guess I'd go again and hope for a more quiet time.

These establishments have yet to be reviewed


Carluccio’s, Brighton

Iydea, Kensington Gardens, Brighton

John Lewis, Kingston

The Katarina Harvester, Brighton Marina