Liz Bovingdon

1952 - 2014

My dear friend Liz has passed away. I’m not certain of exactly when but only know that it was 2014, possibly around the end of September time. She died from lung cancer and I believe that she was 62.


I last heard from her around April 2014. It was one of Liz’s usual phone calls that always started with: “Hello darling, now then… in a hurry, on the hoof… just wanted to say hello and will have a catch up with you another time.” She would have been darting from one place to another, probably on the train at the time.

I was trying to think of one single fondest memory but there isn’t one… there’s about four! Lol. They all include much laughter and I am so proud to have even been a part of her life. It was mainly while we were working together at the Driving Instructor’s Association. Working at the DIA wasn’t great and yet with Liz, Barbara and Chris there, it was a very happy place, most of the time.
Liz was racy, energetic and every time I saw her, she made me smile. We went for many lunch breaks together, putting the world to rights over a cuppa in Asda’s restaurant. Sometimes we’d venture out further and outside of work, we met a few times too.
One memory was during a lunch break and a stroll around the aisles of Asda. Liz bumped into one of her friends who was quite posh and wearing, from the looks of it, an expensive fur coat. I stood behind and back a bit to give Liz some privacy and opened my small tube of Tom & Jerry tomatoes (the small cherry-sized tomatoes) and bit into one. The juice and a perfect line of pips shot from the split tomato on to the back of her friend's coat. I was so embarrassed as the lady hadn’t noticed but Liz had. I only remember Liz making her excuses quickly and then us both hurrying off to the checkouts.
Another time was whilst at work, Liz and I would chat a lot and she was always keen to know my shenanigans. So much so that she would insist that I provide her with a name and an address of any new talent that I had arranged to meet for a date. She joked that the top drawer of her desk was full of bits of paper with names and addresses on and that she’d started on the next drawer down! But one time I remarked that I was going to a gentlemen’s home in Kensington that evening and she was thrilled and assumed that I had raised my standards from meeting somewhere public or common. And as she was expressing her delight and praising me for pulling someone from Kensington… I suddenly remembered and said: “Oh no Liz wait, not Kensington… it’s Kennington!” The single “OH” and look of disdain on her face will stay with me forever.

So much fun packed in to one small amazing lady…

I will miss her terribly.