Maggie Ward

30 December 1950 - 18 November 2011

My dear friend Maggie. I met Maggie in 1997 at her Dad's in New Addington. Jeanie was there too. It was Vicki who took me and introduced me to her family. Within minutes of being there, I felt like a member of the family. We laughed so much that first night and each and everytime that I have spoken with Maggie, in person or on Messenger or Skype, we have never stopped laughing. I am deeply sad that Maggie lost her battle to cancer but I am slightly comforted that she no longer has to fight and live with pain and discomfort. Also, for Dave, Kate, Irene and Karen and the rest of the family... they can rest now from all of the wonderful loving and nursing they carried out in the months leading to Maggie's passing.

As we prepared for Maggie's passing during her final months, dear Kate created a Facebook group page and we all started sharing memories with one another. One of my contributions was the following poem:


I spent a year seeing your status, showing as offline
My bubbly, zany Internet pal o' mine
But I'm ok Maggs, I used the time so soundly
Preparing that you will no longer be around me

I reflect on my nights with you online
Thrashing me at 'Showdown' every time
My jaw used to ache, from laughing so long
You made me cry then too... This is just so wrong!

How dare it be time for you to leave me now
I cry and long for those times again somehow
Oh my dear wonderful Maggie, with your laughter in my head
With tears in my eyes as I lie on my bed

Thank you precious Maggs, you've been an absolute star
That has lit up my life with all the LOL's and HA-HA's
Heaven will be a funnier place soon, you wait and see
Oh and if you see Jeanie, give her a kiss from me

Photos of Maggie

Here are some photos of Maggie throughout the years.