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Here's a collection of stories that Wayne has been able to use many a time as an amusing anecdote in a social surrounding.


Best At Or The Most

example: Best person to duet at karaoke with... David.


Did You Know..?

example: Whilst driving in London, Wayne once gave way at a zebra crossing for The Who frontman legend and actor Roger Daltrey.



example: Favourite song: It Must Be Love by Labi Siffre.



An A to Z list of some of Wayne's food creations, with photos. 


How Is It..?

example: Whether you're driving or walking down the road when you hear a car horn, you always assume it's for you? 



example: "Tomorrow is Jamaican Hairstyle Day... I'm dreading it!"


Order Of Service Books

This page has all of the funeral books that Wayne has created over the years.


Phrases and Quotes

example: "Big knob is ok, only if you have one, not if you are one!"


Poetry Corner

A coping strategy through moments of sheer grief or just pausing life for a quick rhyme.


Previous Quotes

example: "Christ - it's as big as the BBC's!" ~ Ian Willows (about this website).


Robert Welch Signature Knives Collection

Wayne has been collecting these particular set of kitchen knives since 2013. Take a look. 


Things People Say

example: I'M NOT BEING RUDE BUT... - This line is always followed by something said that is highly offensive or rude.


Where It All Began

The history of and what started it all. 


X-Rated Jokes

Warning: this page of x-rated but very funny jokes may cause offence. Please keep in mind, that if you continue to this page and get offended... well then it's your own silly fault. TUT.


XXX-Rated Jokes

The jokes on this webpage are offensive. Please DO NOT read any further if you're remotely offended by rude and offensive jokes.


You Know You're Getting Old When...

example: When you bend over, you look for something else to do while you're down there.