My incredible, compassionate and caring sister, who is outrageous with her very quick-witted sense of humour, is most deserved of a mention and a special tribute on my site.


"One of the funniest people in my life"


Throughout my entire life, Nikki has consistently been there from the very beginning. From growing up and playing games in our Grandmother's garden to comforting one another time and time again in moments of grief, from drunken nights out to working together, she remains one of the funniest people in my life.


Special times have included a five-hour hire of a six-seater American stretched limousine for Jezz's birthday. She has always been the life and soul of any party or gathering and continues to be.

We worked together at Marshall's cafe in Sutton High Street. The antics and laughter were always started by Nik and I'm sure, customers and staff alike, still have fond memories of the fun times we had.


I'm sitting here thinking of the kind of things she'd do, relative to occupation... if she were a DJ, she'd fart very loudly into the microphone during the bride and groom's first dance. If she were an airlone pilot, she put out an announcement that we're about to hit some high winds and again... fart into the PA system. If she worked in a shoe shop, she'd always find it funny to bring out the requested shoe size but two completely different shoes. In a greengrocers, she would make daily remarks to male customers about nice plums. As a hairdresser she'd likely fix hair disaster photos to the hand-held mirror as she showed you the back of your haircut from behind.


"We are never far from each other's thoughts"


With all sibling rivalries, we've had our share of falling outs and disagreements... we spent a few years apart but there's an inner spiritual feeling I believe that I have with my sister, that has meant we are never far from each other's thoughts.


I can honestly say that Nikki is the number one person for understanding my sense of humour, going along with any daft scenario with both of us knowing that the results will be extremely funny and that it will also be a lasting memory of the hundreds of fun times that we've shared together.


Nik has always said that from a very young age, she felt that I was her baby, her child... as we grew up and still often remarks that she regards me as one of her own.


The love I get from my sister was never more apparent back in the year 2000 when I was very poorly in hospital. She held my hand as I lay in Intensive Care, stroking the top of my hand with her thumb while I was in a coma. I still remember it to this day and along with the incredible life-saving skills of the medical staff, I felt that her by my side, holding me, was the strength that helped me to survive that near-death experience.


And now, 50 plus years on... Nikki and I have a bond that is sibling tight. We are in touch daily, if only a loving emoticon... to remind one another that we think about each other all of the time.


My incredible sister, Nikki continues to share the love for her family and extends it to the passion she has for her clients with her job as a carer for the elderly.



Me and my sister Nikki

This gallery of photos shows moments spent with my sister, Nikki.