Organised days out, celebratory restaurant meals and the odd tipsy moment... this is the collection of photos that are divided into their own pages and feature events and occasions.

Carshalton High 1983

Wayne attended Carshalton High School for Boys and was in Fleming house. During his time there, he was a narrator for a play held in a local church, created a toy donation scheme for Queen Mary's Hospital for Children and won a borough community award for the idea. He was close friends with Jay Fry, Simon Terry, Tony Bainbridge, Perry Mauricette and Dave Leahy. He claims to have been looked after by Mitchell Whitiear, Dean Sparks & Spencer Guainiere.

France 1995

On Wednesday 6 May 1995, John, Linda, Christine, Sarah & Wayne decide to go to Calais for the day. I can't remember the names of the other three, though I think Karen & Pete were two of them.

Spain 1996

John and Wayne venture off a three day break to Altea, nr. to Benidorm in Spain. We shared a villa with John Booth and his boyfriend (I've forgotten his name), 3 of John B's friends, Glenn and Bob Jones.

Littlehampton 1998

Friday 28 August 1998, Wayne goes on a day trip to Littlehampton with the service users and staff from SCILL, the Sutton Centre for Independent Living and Learning.

Limo Night 2001

Saturday 10 November 2001, Jezz and Wayne invite Laurie, Francis, Nikki and Paul for a night out in Jim's 8-seater American stretch limousine. We had a five-hour hire and drove around South and Central London on a massive pub crawl that started at The Two Brewers, Clapham and included Brewer Street, The Piano Bar, Compton's and 79CXR to name a few.

Thorpe Park 2004

On Thursday 16 September 2004, Jezz and I went to Thorpe Park for the day. I managed most of the white-knuckle rides.

Christmas Day 2004

The family gather at Nikki's for Christmas Day lunch, 25 December 2004.

New Year's Eve 2004

David, Pete, Jezz and Wayne head off to The Goose and Carrot, Croydon to see the New Year in. 2004 out and 2005 in.

Brighton Spring 2005

Pete, Jezz and Wayne go to Brighton for a weekend on 10th April 2005. Pete and Wayne stayed at The New Europe Hotel and Jezz stayed with David at his place in Kemptown. The fabulous weekend included dining out at The Café Rouge at Brighton's Marina, a boat ride to the West Pier and back and an evening at The Swartz bar, under the hotel (then).

Brighton Pride 2005

On 7 August 2005, Jezz, Pete and Wayne met with friends at The Brighton Pride Festival for 2005.
We also spent the night before staying over at David's in Kemptown.

Denmark 2006

On Friday 24 May 2006, Jezz and Wayne went to Denmark with Nick. It was a business trip but we had some fun overnight.

Dunkirk 2006

On Friday 24 May 2006, Jezz and Wayne went to Denmark with Nick. It was a business trip but we had some fun overnight.

Caiger Wedding 2006

The wedding of Wayne's sister, Nikki and Paul Caiger. The service was at Morden Registry Office and the reception was at The Grange, Beddington. It took place on Saturday 11 November 2006.

New Year's Eve 2006

Simon, David, Jezz and Wayne meet with Tim & Miranda, Nick, Scott, Clive & Romeo at The Reflex nightclub, Kingston to see the New Year in. 2006 out and 2007 in.

London Zoo 2007

On Friday 29 June 2007, Joan, Hayley, Jezz and Wayne went to London Zoo for the day.

Brooklands Museum & Mercedes Benz World 2008

On Wednesday 11 June 2008, Jezz and I had a day out at Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey.

Bentley and Wildfowl Motor Museum 2008

On 30 July 2008, Jezz and Wayne go on another day outings.

Ivy's Funeral Service 2009

Family and friends gather to pay tribute to the life of Ivy Bancroft, who passed away on 12 May 2009. Ivy was Jezz, Elliot and Hayley's Nan and their Mum's Mum.

Torquay 2009

Jezz, David and I set off for four days to Torquay in Devon. The weather was spectacular. We went on Wednesday 9th September 2009 and came back on Saturday 12th September. We stayed in the gay resort 'Key West' and went driving to other parts and sightseeing places including the perfect Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway. 

Hastings 2009

On Wednesday 19 August 2009, David, Jezz and I went to Hastings for the day. We visited The Burling Gap, Pevensey Castle and had a fish and chip lunch. It was perfect!

Christmas 2009

The family are together for Christmas 2009 at Nikki's.

New Year's Eve 2009

Jezz and Wayne see the New Year in with David at his flat in Kemptown, Brighton.

London Day Out 2010

A day out in London with Jezz, 19 May 2010.

Mel and Mark's BBQ 2010

On Saturday 5 June 2010, Jezz and I went to Sittingbourne to Melanie's for a bbq and to meet her partner, Mark. We also met Melanie's younger daughter, Adele. The weather was perfect and we had a lovely time.

BBQ at Lizz's 2010

On Sunday 11th July 2010, Jezz and I spend the afternoon with Lizz, Vicki and Cerys at Lizz's place in Addiscombe, Surrey. Jezz took charge of the bbq and cooked the meat and I prepared the salad. It was a beautiful afternoon both company and weather wise.

Great Yarmouth 2010

On 17 August 2010, Jezz and Wayne met with Joan & Hayley for a short break away in a chalet at Great Yarmouth.

Hampton Court 2011

On Friday 20th May 2011, Joan, Hayley, Jezz and Wayne go to Hampton Court Palace for the day.

Cosmo's 2011

On Wednesday 26 October 2011, Jezz and Wayne meet with the Gardener family and friends for both Vicki's and Irene's birthday. We had dinner at the all-you-can-eat restaurant Cosmo's in Croydon's Valley Park.

Cliveden House 2012

On Tuesday 31st July 2012, Jezz, Kelly and I were invited out for afternoon tea by Ian and Donald. We were driven to Cliveden House in Taplow, Berkshire. Ian's wonderful choice of venue for afternoon tea featured a fabulous selection of teas, sandwiches and cakes.

Brighton - A Gay Day Out 2012

On Tuesday 28th August 2012, Jezz and I, along with my sister Nikki drove down to Brighton for the day. We left around 9.45am and came home by 7pm. We had a fabulous time and went for a stroll through the North Lanes, had lunch in Carats cafe in Shoreham, had a walk on the Pier and spent a few pounds in the arcade. Had hot donuts and a pint in the Poison Ivy in St. James Street... not necessarily in that order. Here's the photos to prove it!

Wisley 2012

On Friday 31st August 2012, we spent the day at Wisley Gardens, near Woking in Surrey. We took in the sights, views and had a gander at the plants. We had a bite to eat in a cafe there too.

Cromer Trip 2012

On Friday 7th September 2012, Michele, Anthony, Nikki and I set off for Cromer, Norfolk. We went to visit Aunty Gwen and cousins Brian, Brenda and Bob. We stayed overnight in a b&b called Danum House in Overstrand, about a five-minute drive away. The weather was perfect throughout, the journeys there and back were a good laugh and we had a really good time. Here are the photos of our time in Cromer.

London Day Out 2013

On Monday 25th March 2013, Jezz and I set out at 8.30am for a trip to London. We started at Fortnum & Mason's Fountain restaurant for breakfast. It was fabulous and the service was even better than that. We then walked to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. We then headed for China Town and had a late buffet lunch at about 2.30pm. We then wet back to the car and headed home around 4pm and got home by 5.30pm.

Borough Market 2014

Jezz, Kelly and I set off for London in the car. We arrived at 11.45am and found somewhere safe to park. We had a float each at Float Works (it was Kelly's first time) and then we went to Borough Market. Kelly and I had never been before and it was great fun. Despite my not being able to walk far, I was proud of myself for making it. We all had something different to eat: I had a wrap with duck, spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce, Kelly had a beef steak sandwich and Jezz had fish and chicken vegetable paella. We also stopped by for ice cream and then some Turkish delight.
I suggested we head homeward as I was feeling tired and find somewhere to have a drink on route. But we came home instead. The evening was rounded off nicely with a Chinese takeaway.

Ramsey's - A Special Day Out 2015

Around Christmastime 2014, our wonderful gardener Barry and his wife Mel kindly gave us a gift voucher to dine at any one of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants. We chose the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 68 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London. We booked it some time ago in April for Tuesday 30 June 2015 at 2.15pm.

Two-day Breakaway 2019

Jezz and I get away for a mini-break. We start by staying overnight at The Cow, a hotel and bar in Dalbury Lees, Derby. After breakfast, we then headed for Alton Towers Resort. 

Brighton Pride 2019

Jezz, Amanda and I went to Brighton for the day. It was also Brighton Pride. Breakfast in Bill's, walking the lanes, ice cream, the Pier and doughnuts, a drink in The White Rabbit and evening meal on the way home at The George, Henfield.


Below are galleries of photos taken at birthday functions.

Anthony's 16th Birthday

On Thursday 2nd February 2012, a group of us joined Anthony to celebrate his 16th birthday at a Harvester restaurant at The Plough, Sutton. Michele, Anthony, Zoe, Alfie, Freddie, Spencer, Stacey, Kelly, Ethan, Jake and Jezz were there. 

Anthony's 19th Birthday

On Tuesday 3 February 2015, we all gathered at the Moon on the Hill pub in Sutton. Zoe, Alife, Freddie, Lennie, Nikki, Paul, Michele, Dean, Anthony, Leanne, Jezz and Wayne were all there. 

Dad's 80th Birthday

On Friday 12 November 2004, we celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. Michele, Nik and Wayne present Dad with a luxury photo album filled with photos of Dad's life - through the years. Also, special guests, Mike and Rose came from East London to join in with the festivities. 

Jezz's 37th Birthday

A few friends gather to celebrate Jezz's 37th birthday at the Beefeater restaurant, Park Place in Mitcham on 6 November 2008.

Jezz's 45th Birthday

On Sunday 6th November 2016, Jezz gathered some family members and colleagues from Waitrose. We all had a great time at the Indian restaurant Sakura in Carshalton Beeches.

Jezz's 47th Birthday

On Tuesday 6 November 2018, Jezz celebrated his birthday with Wayne, sister Nikki and Harrison at Hollywood Bowl. Then, for a meal at Wildwood in Cheam Village. It was an Italian restaurant and the food, value, staff and decor were all excellent.

Nikki's 50th Birthday

Stacey, Charlie, Paul, Jezz, Nikki and Wayne all gathered at Benihana on Kings Road, Chelsea to celebrate Nikki's 50th birthday.

Wayne's 40th Birthday - Family

Here are the few photos that were taken at Wayne's 40th Birthday with his family. The venue was the Beefeater at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs and was on 18th April 2007.

Wayne's 40th Birthday - Friends

Wayne's 40th birthday party amongst friends took place on 21st April 2007 at Park Place, Mitcham, a Toby Carvery restaurant. 37 people turned up.