Pete is the longest person, outside of my family, that I have ever known. I met him in 1980 through both of us sharing the interest of C.B.'ing. To anyone under 40, that's Citizen's Band Radio, a wireless device with a mic, used either at home or in a car, for communicating with other CB'ers. We were 13 years old and lived only half a mile from one another in Sutton, Surrey. Eventually, a social gathering was arranged amongst a lot of CB'ers and we all converged on The Woodstock pub in Stonecot Hill, North Cheam, Surrey. That's where Pete and I saw each other for the first time. We realised early on that we got on well really well together and shared the same sense of humour. This developed over the next few years as we'd meet up on the way to school, despite us going to different schools.

Pete remained a close friend and stood by me through all of my teenage years. He supported me, emotionally and financially a lot and was always there for me. We spent many an evening drinking in the Woodman, Sutton, The Blackwater Tavern, Sutton, eating out at Asia Tandoori Indian restaurant, Hackbridge, Shapla Tandoori, Stonecot Hill, North Cheam and spent nights in at his. He lived with his parents of course but had designed the shed in the garden as his own domain where we'd smoke fags, drink tea and play on the Commodore 64 computer.



From the start of my relationship with Debbie, Pete remained in touch and very close. He would come and stay with us at weekends and was a huge support. He even bought Debbie and me our first washing machine when we were staying in temporary accommodation.

When Debbie and I separated, Pete was still there for me; a shoulder to cry on and it wasn't really until that point, did I realise that he was completely there for me and always had been.
By then, he had got a place of his own and I moved in with him. Pete and my relationship developed further and all of my absolute funniest moments in life have always either starred Pete or at least had him heavily featured in them. Working with him at Madame Jo Jo's in London's West End, Soho, also at Marshall's Café Bistro in Sutton, the fabulous radio station days and living with him and Lorraine and Lesley, have all been some of my favourite moments in life and it's all because Pete was there.


In 1997 I met Noel and my life changed. Still living with Pete, our lives became separated slightly but we were very much in each other's company. I drank in Bar 68, Thornton Heath where Pete worked for a while. This was also around the same time my health took a deadly turn. I recovered but it had taken its toll on Noel and my relationship with him. I was still living with Pete and in November 2000, I took a break away alone to Brighton. I stayed in the New Europe Hotel (later became Legends) and it is there that I met Jezz. He was holidaying alone also. In April 2002, Jezz and I moved into a new flat together and it was my first time in over 18 years that I was no longer with Pete.


Although Pete and I live only a mile from one another, we do not see each other anymore but are still very much good friends.