This part of the website is devoted to the songs, records or music that means a lot to Wayne throughout his extremely fond love for everything to do with music. Why it even has two tracks recorded by Wayne himself.

21st Century by The Weekend Players

This, along with the other tracks on the album: Pursuit Of Happiness by The Weekend Players, was introduced to me by Tony Fisher. I love this track and think of Tony whenever I hear it so it became 'our tune.'

A Lover's Holiday by Change

This is an epic disco anthem of my youth. It's been added to the website because it is also a record associated with the memories of my growing up with ole pal o' mine, Mel. She remarked on Facebook that this was mine and her song and so it is and therefore has become 'our tune.' 

Always And Forever by Heatwave

This was a song that Vicki and I used to sing together, using the same key range as the original song. We often laughed through gasps of breath from trying to sing it properly. This would happen randomly when we were together, for example driving in the car or at home. It later transformed in to a routine even when we weren't together because Vick would call me from her car and sing it to me. It became one of 'our tunes.'

Baby Says No by Christopher Cross

This song, and indeed the entire album, Another Page, was featured heavily during my time alone, having separated from Debbie. It was introduced to me by someone I was seeing at the time and was at an extremely poignant moment in my life. I was living at a bed and breakfast hotel and would spend hours listening to this album but loved this track and one other (Talking In My Sleep), the most.

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

This iconic track from 1978 was Dad's favourite song. He particularly loved the solo sax by saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft. Dad never tired of this song and neither did I which is how it became one of 'our tunes.'

Blue by Lucinda Williams

This totally addictive and beautiful ballad was introduced to me by Pete. He sent me a file with her duetting this track with one of my childhood music legend heroes, Elvis Costello. That is brilliant, but here's Lucinda Williams singing it solo. It's haunting and brilliant!

Bring The Family Back by Billy Paul
When we were growing up, Nik and Michéle would get ready to go out for the evening and I would be their DJ and provide music on my twin decks, amplifier, speakers with a microphone. Nik had this track by Billy Paul and I would borrow it to play in an easy listening set.

Closer Than Close by Rosie Gaines

Noel and I would often hear this tune when we were out together, typically at the bar or in the car and I have always associated it with him so I decided it would be 'our tune.'

Convoy by C. W. McCall
Every time I hear this song I think of Dad. He loved it and would often just randomly say a line from the lyrics.

Crossroads by Don McLean
I love this song so much, I'm on a mission to record it myself.  I may need to hire a recording studio. It's my goal to have it played at my funeral.

Don't Break My Heart by Vaya Con Dios
I got to love this song by downloading the album from iTunes. I am so totally addicted to Dani Kline's voice (lead vocals).

Don't Give Me Your Life by Alex Party
1995 and Sarah Barnett and I were grooving away to this track at Carrats Club, Sutton. It was a straight club at the weekend but on Monday nights, they were testing a gay night... that didn't last. But this dance track is imprinted in my memory as the reminder of the fun times Sarah and I had, not just at Carrats, but other South London dives.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee
This is another karaoke tune only this time I sang a duet to it with Sharon Chapman and on other occasions, Emma Browne. It became 'our tune.'

Easy Come Easy Go by The Sutherland Brothers
This is one of my favourite songs of all time. I've been singing along to it for decades now.

Fallen by Lauren Wood
This lovely track always reminds me of my wonderful friend, Simon. It just became an 'our tune' for Simon and me.

Falling In Love With You by Andy Gibb
I am so totally in love with this song. I stumbled upon it on It's hard to believe that I hadn't heard it in my youth.

Feelings by Morris Albert
The recording of this song has been added to the collection as it is a reminder of my Aunty Gwen. It was the title tune to an album she had on vinyl and I used to play it on their hi-fi system back in the seventies when I stayed at theirs.

Fifteen Summers by Gallagher & Lyle
One of my favourite duets ever -  and this track dates back to my youth again. I've played it hundreds of times and since.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You by Van Morrison
Another 'our tune' and this one is mine and Kelly's. Since around 2000, Kelly and I would use the initials HITYLTILY to represent the title and remind each other that we love one another all of the time but perhaps don't say it as often as we should have.

Heaven by Late Night Alumni
This track has an unidentifiable line that is spoken near the beginning. It's something that Nick Ward and I noticed immediately and so it became an 'our tune' between us. Our other tune is Carole Bayer Sager's 'You're Moving Out Today.'

I Still Want You by Richard Hawley
I cried listening and watching the video to this on YouTube. Richard Hawley has become one of the best for bringing out the emotions in me. I first heard the song from the movie 'Funny Cow.'

I Think Of You by Perry Como
This, another of Dad's and my 'our tune,' was a song that Betty had on 7" vinyl. I used to play it a lot and now this song always reminds me of Dad and Bet together. I sing a karaoke version, weekly.

If Leaving Me Is Easy by Phil Collins
This is my second favourite song of all time. More recently, it's also become mine and my sister Nikki's 'our tune.'

(It Looks Like) I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love Again by Tom Jones
Karaoke tune of the century. Richard was the licensee of the Goose and Carrot. He hosted the karaoke night on Sunday nights and we often battled it out singing this Tom Jones classic. Reckon I sang it better! Haha but then he beat me hands down with Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline. So, Richard and my 'our tune' is this one.

It Must Be Love by Labi Siffre
This track from 1971, is still, and always has been, my favourite song of all time. It originally belonged to my Grandmother. I would play it over and over on her gramophone in the lounge until I knew all of the words off by heart. It has become the 'our tune' for Jezz and me and is my ring tone when he calls my mobile.

Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone
This track was added to the website as it is featured as an "our tune."  It is mine and Dave Bacon's record.  Dave played it when we first met in 1986 and I fell in love with it straight away. I remember clearly he played it when we were in his bedroom when he lived at home with his parents in Norbury, South London.

Look What You've Done To Me by Boz Scaggs
I was introduced to this track by John Gregory, Deb's Dad and Kelly's Grandad. He posted the YouTube link on Facebook and I fell in love with it immediately. For me, it's Boz Scaggs at his finest. From listening to this one track, it inspired me to add three albums of his to the collection.

Lost Without Your Love by Bread
This track has always been in the collection, on a much-loved Bread album, The Sound Of Bread. But, the significance of it being included on the site is that the title of the track were the words I used for the card for Dad's funeral flowers. They were used again in 2018 for my 9th tattoo: 'A Portrait Of My Dad.'

Missing You by Gallagher & Lyle
This is my third favourite song of all time. I think I must play it at least once a month.

More Than Words by Extreme
This is another song that Vicki and I used to sing together, using the same key range as the original song. We often laughed through gasps of breath from trying to sing it properly. This would happen randomly when we were together, for example driving in the car or at home. It later transformed into a routine even when we weren't together because Vick would call me from her car and sing it to me. It became one of 'our tunes.'

My Love Is Loving You by Sylvester
This beautiful ballad is another 'our tune' and is one of mine and Jezz's. Sylvester was a 70's disco icon and legend but he wrote a few ballad songs and this was, in my opinion, his best.

Nothing Comes To Sleepers by The Gap Band
I discovered this song by playing b sides when I was younger.  The A-side was Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) from 1979.  This track shows The Gap Band's versatility from the massive disco floor-filler hit "Oops Upside Your Head." Its significance for the website is that it is a track that Debbie and I would listen to in my bedroom at home (and I'd murder by singing along to it) when we dating in the early 80s.

On My Own by Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald
This beautiful duet has been added to the site because it has a story... Dad once asked me on the phone if I had this record. It's a track that reminded him of Betty. I did and played it to him, start to finish down the phone. He was silent and crying quietly. I didn't ask then but years later (2015) whilst driving my car, it came on. I listened to the words and remembered Dad asking me about it. I started crying there and then. and it's happened again. I was preparing a meal in the kitchen and listening to Smooth FM, I started crying. I do hope that it's not going to have that effect on me every time I hear it. It could get embarrassing!

One More Time by Daft Punk
When Pete, Paul, Jezz and I all lived together for a while in 1999, Paul and I would often listen and dance to this track. I always think of him when I hear it so it became 'our tune.'

One Nation Under A Groove by Funkadelic
This is mine and Michéle's 'our tune.' I used to like to play this in my DJ set when the girls were home and getting ready to go out. I'd play my music like a radio show when I was younger, about 13 years old. And occasionally, she'd let me borrow her copy of this track, but only if she wanted to hear it!

Please Stay by Wayne Alton
This was originally a track written by my mate, Kes Howe.  He gave me a copy of him singing it, on cassette and I learned the lyrics playing it hundreds of times.  Some years later, I was able to sing it when I met up with Kes again when we were having an unplanned recording session at his house. This track is the result and I remember being really pleased that we did it in one recording, without editing.

Reflections Of My Life by Dean Ford
I stumbled upon this track when discovering that the great Dean Ford had died and was looking for songs on YouTube. He originally recorded it with his band 'Marmalade' in the 70s. I fell in love with this version the moment I heard it. It's slower, chilling and brilliant.

Reunited by Peaches & Herb
This track was added to the website as it is featured as an "our tune."  It is my and Emma Browne's record. The song is significant between the two of us because we'd always make a point of trying to sing it together as a duet when we met up for karaoke at the bar.

Saturday by The LA Boppers
A historic track from my youth.  In the old days of vinyl, B sides played just as big a role as the A-side to any 7" single.  The hit single, albeit a minor one in the UK, "Be Bop Dancin'" had this fabulous ballad as its B side, 'Saturday.' How I came to have such a good quality mp3 file is amazing.  In my search on the internet for an LA Boppers album, I stumbled on the myspace site of one of the band members, Vance R Tenort and he sent me a copy. How great is that?

Should I Stay by Gabrielle
Jezz and I met in November 2000 and Gabrielle was at her peak in the British charts. The album Rise had been out a short while and we played it a lot when we were in each other's company. The track 'Should I Stay' wasn't pertinent from its lyrics but we both thought of it as one of the best tracks at the time. It became one of 'our tunes.'

Since You Stayed Here by Liz Callaway
This track was added to the website as it is featured as an 'our tune.'  It is my and Karl Moffatt's song.  Karl would make me listen to some of his CD collection when I went to see him both in Ashford (Surrey) and Chiswick.  He was only playing songs because he liked them but for me, it was an education and this was my favourite. If he attempted to make me more cultured with theatre music... it worked!

Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver
There are too many songs that associate my relationship with Pete and there should be, as it was 17 years. But as we are both avid John Denver fans and this is one of my favourite tracks, I declared this track to be mine and Pete's 'our tune.'

Talking In My Sleep by Christopher Cross
Another significant song from my days of growing up with music.  This song, and indeed the entire album, 'Another Page,' was featured heavily during my time alone, having separated from Debbie. I was living at a bed and breakfast and would spend hours listening to this album but loved this track and another (Baby Says No), the most.

Til Then My Love by Matt Monro
This song, I only discovered in 2008 and played it a lot on the way to Tesco's with Dad in the car. It quickly became my favourite song by Matt Monro and Dad's favourite of his was played at his funeral on entering the crematorium, Softly As I Leave You. Dad introduced me to Matt Monro when I was growing up but, amazingly, neither of us had heard of this track til a few months before Dad died.

Together We Are Beautiful by Fern Kinney
Simon once remarked that he loved this song when we were listening to the radio one day and now I think of him whenever I hear it so I declared it as one of 'our tunes.'

Unchained Melody by Wayne Alton
While Kes and I were busy putting a few tracks to CD, we recorded this classic Righteous Brothers song. We did it in one edit and along with 'Please Stay,' I feel a sense of achievement.

When A Woman Loves by R. Kelly
Having watched R. Kelly on Jools Holland, I bought his latest album online and from it, comes this track. In my opinion, it is R. Kelly at his finest!

You Make Me Feel Brand New by The Stylistics
This track was added to the website as it is featured as an "our tune."  It is Bet's and my record.  It was also Betty and Dad's song.  It was played as we left the crematorium on 12 April 2008 at Dad's funeral service.

You're Moving Out Today by Carole Bayer Sager
This track is mine and Nick Ward's 'our tune.' I'm not altogether sure why other than we both remember the song from our youth and Nick and I have a really funny way of hearing sounds in a song like a weird voice or a line sung strangely and this song has plenty of them and we'd share them each time we noticed them.