This timeline, albeit primitive, is a look through Wayne's life from birth, displaying events, some purchases, missions, losses and achievements.

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18 April



I was born at Epsom District Hospital, Epsom, Surrey, at 2am and weighed 8lb 4oz.


13 February

Grandpa died


Grandpa died at home, at Westmead Road, Sutton. He was 80.


16 May

School Trip


Whilst at Camden Junior School, Carshalton, the class went by coach to Wembley Arena to watch The Harlem Globetrotters.


23 May

Was filmed for Blue Peter


Being the youngest on-air presenter in the UK at 13 years old, I was filmed by BBCTV's Blue Peter programme. It was aired on 9 June.


4 March

Job ended at Radio Lollipop


I was asked to leave Radio Lollipop. I had several radio shows there and had developed my DJ skills using very professional equipment.

19 May

Relationship ended: Evelyn


Evelyn ended our relationship. We'd been together for about a year.

19 November

Was filmed for Thames Help


I was filmed for a show called Thames Help, another Radio Lollipop venture.


7 March

Went on C.B. radio


I saved my money and bought a Maxcom 40E CB radio. I went on the air and my handle was 'Ping.'

7 August

Caravanning with Paul


It seemed odd looking back now, a 15-year-old boy going caravanning with some guy 20 years older... but nothing remotely untoward happened.

18 August

Window accident


After half a bottle of vodka, and aged only 15 years old, I fell out of a first-floor window at Paul Gibb's house. I was taken to hospital and have suffered from back pain ever since.

8 October

Relationship start: Debbie


I started seeing Debbie regularly and made this the official start of our relationship day.

15 December

First public speaking


I was asked to do a reading in a church, local to the high school. It was my first time ever, speaking to the public.

31 December

Trafalgar Square night


School friend Paul and I went to Trafalgar Square to see the New Year in. Got very drunk and in those days, spent time in the fountains. Slept in the underground until the tube service resumed in the morning.


10 January

Atari Hire Club Ended


I had been collecting and delivering Atari game cartridges from households who rented them weekly. The business was Paul Gibb's and I helped him out.

13 May

Left High School


I left Carshalton High School for Boys for the last time. I started full-time work immediately in a newsagent chain as a shop and warehouse assistant.


23 February

Moved to Durand Close (2nd time)


I moved in with my sister, Nikki, to 67 Durand Close, Carshalton.

10 August

Holiday weekend: Scots Farm


Debbie and I, along with Melanie and Perry all went to Scots Farm camping site in West Wittering for the weekend. Deb's Dad, John drove us there and back in his VW camper van.

27 December

Kelly was born


My beautiful daughter was born at St. Helier Hospital, Carshalton at 6.37am. She weighed 6lb 8¾oz.


12 February

Moved to Greyhound Road


Debbie, Kelly and I moved into temporary accommodation at 8b Greyhound Road, Sutton.

16 April

Dad moved out of the shop


Our family home, above the dry cleaners that Dad ran from the mid 70s to this day. It was Westmead Cleaners, Westmead Road, Sutton. Dad finally moved out of there and stayed with us for a few days until he moved to Durand Close, Carshalton.

12 August

Moved to Durand Close


Debbie and I, with Kelly, were offered a 3 bedroom flat at 173 Durand Close, Carshalton and we moved in.

21 November

Moved to the Albion Hotel


I moved out from Debbie and Kelly and stayed in The Albion Hotel, Sutton.

14 December

Moved to 12 St. James Avenue


I moved in with Peter in his bedsit in Sutton.


14 April

Moved to The Studio


Allen and I moved to the temporary accommodation and b&b, The Studio at 20 Egmont Road, Sutton.

17 April

Moved to Carshalton Road


Allen and I moved to the temporary accommodation and b&b, 105 Carshalton Road, Sutton.

18 April

First time at Palm Beach


Debbie, Pete, Allen and I all used to go to the Palm Beach Suite nightclub every Friday night. It was located above Streatham's Ice Skating rink in Streatham, South London.

20 June

Saw Seventh Avenue


Debbie, Pete, Allen and I all used to go to the Palm Beach Suite nightclub every Friday night. This night, the  boy band 'Seventh Avenue' were performing and sang "Love's Gone Mad." 

25 August

Day out to Alton Towers


Debbie, Steve and Tracey from Presto, Morden, Tony, Andy, Allen, Penny, Sharon and I all went to Alton Towers for the day.

21 November

Moved to Clapham


I called the Gay Switchboard enquiring about accommodation and the operator, Tom offered me a room at his place in Clapham.

21 December

Moved to Purley


My first and only time of living alone (outside of b&b), Graham Smith's friend, Eddie, rented his flat out to me. It was called Purley Grange, Brighton Road, Purley. It lasted 6 months as I couldn't live alone.


16 February

Moved to Elmers End Road


Pete and I moved to 25 Elmers End Road, Penge. The landlords lived there also. Their name was Frank and Molly Kormos.

30 April

Moved to Durand Close - 2nd time


Pete and I moved moved back to 173 Durand Close, Carshalton. We were living in Anerly Road, Penge but were burgled at knifepoint by the neighbours above.

4 September

Spoke to my Mother for the first time ever


First time ever... I spoke to my Mother and my sister Sara. It was on the phone and the contact was through her sister-in-law, Marianne, Mel's wife.

6 September

Met my mother for the first time


First time ever... I met my birth mother and my sister Sara. I was with Nikki and it was outside the Butterchurn pub, Sutton. We went back to her place in Ash Vale.


13 May

Moved to Woodcote Road


Pete and I moved moved to Flat 2, 30 Woodcote Road, Wallington.

13 August

Induction at The Ace Project


I was referred to The Ace Project and went for an introduction and walk around. The volunteer was David Jack and we were reacquainted.

14 October

Raid on SLR


The pirate radio station that Pete and I ran from home was raided by the DTI, police and BT Investigations.

18 October

Tzara died


Our family dog who lived with Dad was to sleep after a long-suffering.

4 December

SLR relaunch


We relaunched the pirate radio station after the raid but it had lost so much with presenters worried that it would be raided again. It was renamed Phoenix FM.


29 March

Met Nick Allen


Started seeing Nick Allen, who I met in Croydon. He came from Stafford.


22 March

S.L.R. Care Hire is sold


Pete and I ran a legit mini cab service from the bedsit in Carshalton. Local competitor's offered us a sufficient amount to have our phone number.

28 April

Gran died


My Grandmother died at Kingston Hospital, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. She was 89.

3 August

Brighton with Kelly


Just Kelly and me, in Brighton, together.


24 November

Freddie Mercury died


Another music legend and favourite Freddie Mercury sadly died. He was 45.


12 February

Moved to Brandon Road


Pete and I moved to 10a Brandon Road, Sutton. John bought the house and converted it into two flats and we moved into the ground floor. Gill moved into the 1st floor and then Linda moved in when Gill left.

10 June

Les Dawson died


Another comedy hero of mine, Less Dawson died. He was 62.


5 January

Quit Smoking


I gave up smoking for the last time.

24 May

Job interview: DBC, Sutton


I went for an interview for the Disability Benefits Centre in Sutton, Surrey. I got it. I started on 6 June.

7 October

New mobile: Motorola M200 


My first ever mobile phone. It was with Mercury one2one, who became T-Mobile and then EE. The screen was a green LCD display and was before SMS text messaging.


17 March

Billy died


My dear nephew Billy died. He was 18 months. My sister Nikki is his Mum.

4 April

Kenny Everett died


My hero, Kenny Everett, was a British comedian, radio disc jockey and television presenter, died. He was 51.

6 May

Trip to France


I went on a day trip to France with Sarah, Linda, Christine, John, Karen and Lee. We were in a VW camper van and did get drunk.

24 June

London Pride 1995


I went to the Pride March in London with Sarah. Pete and John were with us, too.

11 July

Job interview: DIA


I got the job working at the DIA, Driving Instructor's Association. Sarah Williams recommended me and I met Barbara, Liz and Christine there.

17 July

Job ended: BAMS


I worked at the Benefits Agency Medical Services office in Sutton. It's also where I met Sarah Barnett. I left here to go and work at the DIA.

6 August

Boating with Kelly


I spent the day with Kelly. We had a meal at Henry's Table in Beddington Park and then boating on the lake in the park.

23 September

Night out: G.A.Y.


I went to the London Astoria nightclub, G.A.Y. with Sarah. Boyzone was performing and Stephen Gately touched my hand. We also went to Qudos, Freedom, The Box, Comptons, The Village and First Out.

23 October

New car: Vauxhall Astra


I bought my first car, for myself, by myself. It was a Vauxhall Astra 1.3L Auto. It was a private sale in Carshalton Beeches.

19 November

Driving assessment


I had a driving assessment with Peter Everett from BSM Driving School. After the two hours, he advised that I put in for my test. I did and past. Get me!

1 December

Theatre: Prisoner Cell Block H The Musical


It was at London's Queen's Theatre and starred Lily Savage & Maggie Kirkpatrick. Went with Peter, Wills, Liz, Sam, Sarah & Karen.


18 January

Passed Driving Test


I passed my driving test the first time. It was with BSM, the instructor was Pete Everett and the car was a Vauxhall Corsa. The test centre was in Wealdstone. 

3 February

Nephew was born


Anthony was born and weighed 8lb 14oz. He is Michele's son.

6 July

London Pride 1996


I went to the  Pride March in London and then onto the party on Clapham Common. I was with Pete and Skuds.


7 February

Ear Op


I was supposed to have my ears pinned back but ended up only having one done.

4 March

Met Noel


I met ex-partner Noel in Croydon for the first time.

17 June



Today I learned of my illness and this day became Diagnosis Day (D-Day). I was with Wendy at the clinic and it 5.08pm.

5 December

Job start: Marshall's


John's cafe opened and I worked there full-time. My sister joined too. It was one of my favourite places of work.


19 February

Job ended at Marshalls


John laid me off from the cafe at Marshalls, Sutton.

6 March

Bought a Nokia 8146


I remember feeling completely flash with cash and bought the latest Nokia 8146 mobile phone, that replaced my first ever mobile, the Mercury M200.

23 March

Gym induction


My first ever experience of a public gym. This was at the SCILL centre in Robin Hood Lane, Sutton. The instructor was Chris Young.

4 September

First time ever at a gay sauna


I went to Chariots sauna in Streatham for the first time ever.

5 September

First time ever at a gay wedding


It was friends of David Jack's, Raymond and Kevin. The ceremony was at Croydon Unitarian Church, Croydon and the reception was at Southern Pride., West Norwood.

6 September

Job ended at Marshall's


It was towards the end of the business's success and John was needing to cut back where he could, but unfortunately, it didn't survive.


19 February

Recorded Tracks at Kes's


Kes and I recorded some music tracks with me as lead vocalist. We made a CD from the session.

22 May

Job start: Tasty's


I worked at Berni's cafe in Selhurst every other Saturday for a few months.

14 October

Theatre to see Miss Saigon


I went to see Miss Saigon at Drury Lane Theatre, London. I was with Noel, Rick and Andy. I didn't enjoy it as much as everybody did.

2 November

Admitted to hospital


I was admitted into McEntee Ward at St. George's after seeing Fiona with what was to be jaundice.


20 March

Job start: V&B Chauffeur Service


My then partner's friend, Rick put a word in for me to his sister Vicki, who ran a limo hire business and I worked for them, as a chauffeur initially and then in the office.

23 March

Hospital transfer as illness worsens


A few days before, I was taken by ambulance to St. Helier Hospital with difficulty breathing. As the diagnosis became PCP pneumonia, I was transferred to St. George's in Tooting.

4 May

Came out of hospital


I finally left hospital after 12 weeks. I stayed with Dad until I was well enough to go home. I had survived PCP pneumonia but also had lost a lot of weight.

11 June

Went back home


I had been convalensing at Dad's having been in hospital for 12 weeks. Home then was Woodcote Road, Wallington, with Pete and Paul.

22 June

Bought new mobile: Nokia 8210


My third smartphone, the Nokia 8210 was one of the smallest mobiles I've owned.

18 October

New car: Renault Clio


I bought the Renault Clio Baccara from Manhem Car Auctions, Wimbledon. Steve Noonan was with me.

6 November

Met Jezz


I met Jezz at Legends Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton in the bar.


11 June 

Job restart: V&B Chauffeur Services


I was off sick for a year with pneumonia but was well enough to return to work. They had moved from Ewell to Charlwood, near Gatwick Airport.

25 September

Evening out: Victoria Wood


Jezz and I were chauffeur-driven in a stretched Rolls Royce limousine to the Royal Albert Hall, London to see "Victoria Wood: At It Again."

6 November

Had Fortune Told


Met medium Joan Butler in New Addington. I went with Vicki.

10 November

Limo night out for Jezz's 30th


Jezz drag-dressed up for the evening and we hired Jim's limo for a 5 hour trip around London. We invited Nikki, Fran, Laurie and Paul along. A good night.

21 December

Betty died


Dad's partner, Betty sadly died. Breaking the news to Dad was one of the most traumatic incidents of my life.


2 April

Moved to Cambridge Gardens


Jezz and I move out of the flat in Wallington and moved to a ground floor 2 bedroom flat in Cambridge Gardens, Croydon Road, Wallington.

30 May

Jean died


Vicki, Kate & Lizz's Mum, Jean died. She had been like a Mum to me.


31 December

Jezz and the New Year


Jezz did something at home to see the New Year in.


16 September

Day out to Thorpe Park


Went to Thorpe Park with Jezz for the day.

12 November

Dad's 80th


The entire family, along with special guests Mike and Rose were all at the Kelong restaurant, Purley Way, Croydon to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday.


19 March

Ted died


Ted's ex-partner, Ted Hooper sadly died. 

11 May

Completed ECDL


I had spent six months studying the European Computer Driving Licence and passed the final exam.

3 June

New car: Renault Megane Sport Hatch


First car from new. The Renault Megane 3 door Sport Hatch.

1 July

Luther Vandross died


Soulful icon and legend Luther Vandross died. He was 54.

6 August

Brighton Pride 2005


I went with Jezz, David Jack and Pete. We met up with David, Stephen and John.

21 October

Theatre: Joan Rivers Live


I went to see Joan Rivers at Croydon's Fairfield Halls. I was with Pete, Jezz, Nick, Anthony and Shirley.

22 October

First ever vaccines


My first ever flu jab and pneumonia jab.


21 April

Met Simon


I first met Simon. From his beautiful and gentle nature, I knew that he was going to be a friend for life.

24 May

Flew to Denmark


It was my first time in an aeroplane for 9 years. We went to Copenhagen for the weekend.

9 June

Went to Dunkirk


Jezz, Nick, Daphne and I went on the ferry to Dunkirk to return the BMW760i.

2 July

Just Dad and me


I took Dad out for a drive. We stopped off at a pub in Betchworth and then went for lunch at The Blue Anchor, Tadworth

11 November

Nikki & Caiger's wedding day


My sister Nikki married Paul Caiger. Jezz and I went and paid for the wedding car. 


21 April

40th Birthday Party


37 friends all met at for my 40th birthday. We had a meal at Park Place, Mitcham. Then, it was a Beefeater restaurant.

28 December

Jake was born


My handsome and second grandson, Jake was born.


19 February

Jeff was murdered


Our friend Jeff Akers was murdered in Walton-on-Thames.

12 April

Dad died


My Daddy died at St. Helier Hospital, Carshalton at 9.20pm. He was 83.

5 June

New car: Renault Megane CC


Second car from new. The Renault Megane CC 2.0l Privelege.

6 June

Dad's ashes scattered


I went to the crematorium with Jezz, Nik, Michele and Anthony to scatter Dad's ashes in the same location where Betty's were scattered.


4 March

Drove a Bentley Arnage


Chauffeuring with Nick, I drove a Bentley Arnage to Birmingham.

5 March

Drove a Mercedes SL500


Chauffeuring with Nick, I drove a Mercedes SL500 around Heathrow and Sutton.

19 June

Dan died


Our friend Tony's partner, Dan died. They were going to be married that year. Dan was 39.

25 June

Michael Jackson died


Legend and iconic hero Michael Jackson died. He was 50.

9 September

Torquay Holiday with David & Jezz


A special and memorable time with David W as we take a 3-day break away to Torquay, staying at Key West, a gay b&b.

10 October

Stephen Gately died


Horrific news of the death of Stephen Gately from Boyzone went around the world. I was really affected by it.


30 March

Went to see Bruce Forsyth


Jezz and I went to see Bruce Forsyth: A Comedy Roast. It was hosted by Jimmy Carr and had many contributors including Barry Cryer, Jason Mansford, Jonathan Ross and more.

30 March

Went to see Bruce Forsyth


Jezz and I went with his Mum, Joan and sister Hayley for a 3-day break to Great Yarmouth. We stayed on a camp site in a static carvavan/home.

1 October

New mobile: iPhone 4


My first ever iPhone. It was from the Apple store in Bentalls Shopping Centre, Kingston. I have had an iPhone ever since.

16 October

Ella was born


My niece Stacey gave birth to Ella. She was 7lb 13oz.

4 December

Samurai sword incident


Guy turned up at our front door thinking it was an address further down the road. Was threatening and scary as he had a samurai sword behind his back. We called the police.


6 June

New Car: Mini Cooper


I collected my 3rd car from new. It was a Mini Cooper. It had the Chili pack, an electric panoramic sunroof, Xenon halogen headlamps with sensor for automatic activation, auto wipers, electrically folding and heated door mirrors, Comfort Access (keyless entry and ignition), climate control, part leather (toffee coloured), part cloth (with cross stitching) interior, cruise control, rear parking distance assist, iPod cable. The colour of the car was burnt orange.

26 August

Bought iPad2


I got my second iPad, an upgrade from the first one.

29 September

Awarded certificate


I went to receive our certificate for Special Achievement in recognition of volunteering for the Peer Support Group.

19 October

First tattoo ever


After many years trying to decide whether to or not, I went for my first tattoo ever. It was of the Family Crest that Dad drew in 1980. I kept the artwork and had it tattoo'ed on my left arm.

11 November

Daddy David died


One of my biggest losses... our wonderful friend David sadly died.

18 November

Maggie died


Another huge loss, Maggie sadly died.

21 December

Sought help for severe depression


I finally faced the fact that I was suffering with depression and went to seek help from the GP.


27 March

Bought iPhone 4S


My second iPhone. It was bought in an upgrade with T-Mobile for 2 years.

8 May

2nd Tattoo


I had my second tattoo done by Lisa. This was 'Rainbow Men' and was a design by Jezz that I use as a logo to this day.

17 May

Donna Summer died


My lifelong favourite female singer, Donna Summer died. She was 63.

2 October

New iPad (3rd generation)


An upgrade and my third iPad.

6 December

Lila was born


Nikki's granddaughter Lila was born. Abbey and Charlie are the parents.


2 February

AMG Experience


Jezz gifted me a driving experience at Mercedes World. The car was an SLK55 and I went around their track and the skid pan.

17 March

Zayne died


Our friend Nick's partner, Zayne Holmes died. He was 32.

18 April

Windows to Mac


Jezz bought me a Mac Mini. My first Apple computer and I switched to MacOS from Windows and have never looked back.

8 July

Diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2


I was officially told that I have type 2 diabetes at my local GP practice. 

20 July

1st Time At Hampstead Heath


This was the first time I had driven to Hampstead Heath on my own, in the evening. It gets very busy there, you know? The very first time was with John on 26 July 1986, 27 years earlier. 

24 August

Donald died


Ian's partner and our friend, Donald died. 

25 October

3rd tattoo: Cala lily and hearts


I had my third tattoo. This time on the outside and lower half of my right leg. In love with Cala Lillies, I copied this from a picture online and added 3 red hearts.

13 November

New mobile: iPhone 5S


I bought my third iPhone. This was the iPhone 5S.

16 December

Found out that Liz died


My dear friend and ex work colleague, Liz, died sometime in the month of September. Today, I learned of this.


4 January

No More Sugar Anymore


Today was the day that I decided to no longer take sugar in my tea and I've managed to stick to it... to and including, the present day.

3 April

Mrs Ali died


My lovely Indian neighbours from across the entrance at a previous home. The wife of the couple died and I stayed with Dilwar.

28 April

Lennie was born


My niece Zoe, had her third son, Lennie. He was born at St. Helier Hospital, Carshalton.

6 June

New Car: Mini Countryman (Blue)


This was my 4th car from new. It was the 2.0L SD ALL4 model, and was my first diesel car.

15 August

Aunty Gwen died


My wonderful Aunty Gwen sadly died. She was 93.

29 October

New iPad Air 2


My third iPad and first Air product from Apple. Bought it from the Apple store, Kingston.

24 November

4th tattoo: Dad's signature


I got my Dad's signature tattooed on my left arm. It was an impulsive moment. It was done at Caroline's, Waddon.


31 January

Met Mother for the 2nd time


Today, Michele, Nikki and I met up with our Mother by trying an old address we had for her. the first time was in 1987. 

16 March

New front door and grille gate


Having recently moved into our new home, we had a new steel front door fitted. Also, at the back door and in the lounge, a white grille gate was installed.

18 March

New white goods & cooker


Jezz and I took delivery of new John Lewis range cooker and washing machine, Zanussi larder fridge & larder freezer .

19 March

Double-glazing fitted


Part of the new home was to have new carpets, decorated throughout, new kitchen, front door and security shutters, plus double-glazing all needed to be replaced.

24 March

Moved out of Cambridge Gardens


We handed back the keys to Cambridge Gardens and moved out for the last time.

31 March

Bought Dualit 4-slice toaster


This was a big purchase for me as I had always wanted one but could never afford it in the past. I waited about 15 years.

30 June

Restaurant meal: Gordon Ramsey


Barry and Mel kindly gave us a £150 voucher for any of the Gordon Ramsey's restaurant's in London. We went to Gordon Ramsey in Chelsea. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us.

10 August

Teddy was born


My niece Stacey gave birth to Teddy. He was 8lb 10oz.

26 August

Jezz's Waitrose interview


Jezz went for an interview with Waitrose... and got the job. He started on 28 September 2015.

22 October

5th tattoo - WMN


I had spent time designing a way of connecting the three initials of myself, Nik and Michele, WMN and then arranged for it to be a tattoo on my left wrist.

31 October

Car accident


I smashed the car into a post at Shirley Hills, reversing to give way to someone.


23 March

6th Tattoo: Kelly Angel


I had my sixth tattoo done by Lisa at Studio 149, Lower Morden. I designed it myself and it cost £50.

7 April

Bought iPad Pro


I bought my first iPad Pro. I had an iPad before but this was my first 12.9" screen size. It had 128Gb and was in gold. It cost £799.

20 April

7th Tattoo - Family Vine


I had my 7th tattoo done. It is a family vine with the initials of the family with Cala lillies.

15 July

Driveway was extended


We increased the size of the drive in order to fit both cars. Neil did it with a concrete strip.

18 August

Bought ring doorbell


My first of many purchases with the ring security products.

16 October

Met Amanda for the first time


Our first time meeting my half-sister Amanda and seeing Sara again after 28 years. I was with Nik and Michéle and it was at Mother's.

3 November

Switch from Virgin Mobile to Vodafone


Jezz and I took the plunge and switched from Virgin Mobile to Vodafone and suddenly all of our poor reception problems, both out and at home, were gone!

25 December

George Michael died


Another music legend, icon and favourite artist of mine, George Michael, sadly died.


11 April

Sarah died


My friend of 28 years, Sarah died. She was 56. We worked together at SLR Radio, SLR Car Hire and DIA.

6 June

New Car: Mini Countryman 2017


This was my fifth car from new. The Mini Countryman 2.0l Petrol with more features than the previous car.

15 July

Family Day


Kels, the boys, Debs and Jim all came over for the afternoon. We had burgers, hot dogs, chips and coleslaw. We played on the PlayStation and played games. Had a fab day!

18 August

Bruce Forsyth died


Another comedy legend and a name we grew up with, Bruce Forsyth, who sadly died. He was 89.

25 August

Tony died


Our friend and one of the funniest people in my life, Tony Fisher, sadly died. He was 58.

19 September

New mobile: iPhone 7 Plus


I bought the new iPhone 7 Plus, 128Gb in Rose Gold, without contract.

1 November

First-ever upcycling project


Jezz and I convert a disused dining table to a coffee simply by sawing each of the legs in half.


21 March

Mair died


Debbie and Sharon's Mum, Mair sadly died. She was 74.

27 March

Joined Apple Match


My first time subscribing to iTunes Match with Apple. £21.99 per year and all my music collection is sync'ed and streamed from iCloud.

28 April

Kelly & Chris got engaged


My beautiful daughter Kelly and her partner Chris got engaged. Chris proposed at the end of their mountain climb in Snowdonia.

23 June

9th Tattoo: A Portrait Of My Dad


My most challenging tattoo to date. I found tattooist Ben Hamill in Farnborough and he was renowned for his portraits. He kept the sepia look I wanted too. It was just under £500 and once again, no regrets. this was the first of two sittings.

1 July

Car Accident: Bromley


Coming back from a day out with CB, along Hayes Lane, Bromley. As I turned right, a man collided with me. He was on a Harley Davidson bike. Remarkably, he got up and asked if we were alright!

17 July

9th Tattoo: A Portrait Of My Dad


This was the second and final sitting for this tattoo. It was completed today.

23 July

Dropped Kerb was installed


To make it easier for Jezz to get up onto the drive, we paid the council to lower the kerb. It cost £618.

18 September

David Jack and I


I went to see David back at home. It was a spiritual moment. He said very little but somehow let me know that he was ready to go.

21 September

David died


Just three days later, after seeing David for the last time, he sadly died. One of my bigger losses. His funeral took place on 19 October 2018.

7 December

New mobile: iPhone X S Max


And another mobile to replace the old one... this was the iPhone 10 and Jezz and I both went for the larger screen version.


2 March

Kelly & Chris got married


My beautiful daughter kelly married Chris Beattie. The wedding took place at St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh, Scotland

19 May

Got engaged


Jezz and I have decided that this day would be engagement day.

22 June

Jezz bought me a HomePod


I had my first HomePod. I'm actually using right now, as I type this (04.08.21)

10 July

2-Day Breakaway, Derby


Jezz and I stayed a night in a beautiful pub b&b and went to Alton Towers the next day.

3 August

Brighton Pride 2019


We went to Brighton for the day with Amanda, unbeknown to us that it was also Brighton Pride. Enjoyed watching the carnival go by whilst in The Lanes.

6 October

Gay Wedding Fayre, Brighton


Jezz and I drove down to Brighton and attended a gay wedding fayre. It was in the Hilton Metropole. We got a lot of ideas should we ever decide to get married.

20 December

Irene (Nanny Evans) died


Debbie's Nan, Irene sadly died. She was 101 years old. I'd known her for 38 years.


24 January

Andrew died


Simon's partner and our friend Andrew sadly died. He was 51.

25 May

Day Out: Farthing Downs


This was a significant trip outdoors anywhere. It was our first time out towards the end of a COVID lockdown.

3 July

The friendship ended with CB


I decided to end my 10-year long friendship with CB. We had some lovely times together though.

18 July

Met Arun


Through the usual methods, I met Arun. A handsome and very intelligent man. We've stayed in touch.

7 August

New car: Toyota C-HR


Sixth car from new, but first Toyota. And my favourite car to date.

5 November

Jezz's bean bag arrived


It was a little bigger than we thought!

18 December

Steve died


My friend of more than 25 years, Steve Noonan, sadly died. He was 65.


17 February

Had 1st COVID vaccine


Jezz and I went to have our first of two coronavirus vaccines. It was provided by our GP practice.

11 May

Sean died


Sarah and our friend, Sean sadly died. He was 47.

28 May

Bought two iPad Pro's


I drove to the Welwyn branch of John Lewis to buy an iPad Pro 2021 each for Jezz and me.

19 June

Cromer 2021


I drove to the Welwyn branch of John Lewis to buy an iPad Pro 2021 each for Jezz and me.

1 July

Brighton Mission starts


Nikki kick starts the biggest mission so far. It starts and ends with Brighton.

27 July

Smart meters installed


Changing over fuel supplier, we had two new smart meters installed. No more manually reading the meters and submitting readings. We also gained having an in-home display.

21 August

Bought: First-ever projector


I bought a mini projector for home and personal use. It was an entry-level starter projector and was £89.99.