This page links to personal tribute pages. People who have, or have had a special place in my life and heart.

Christine Scotcher

One of the loveliest women that I have ever met. I remember it never being sad whenever Chris was around. Lovely lady. 


My father, Russell J A Alton, who has been a Dad to me until he sadly passed away in 2008. This page is all about him.

David Jack

My dearest and second-to-longest old pal. After David died in 2018, I realised just how special he was. I miss him terribly. This page is all about David.

David Wallis

One of my biggest losses... this lovely man was only in my life for 6 years but he changed my world... before and after he passed away in 2011.

Gwen Halls

My wonderful Aunty Gwen who created most of the fun during my childhood. She sadly passed away on 16 August 2014, aged 93 years.

Jean Thiel

One of the most perfect women that have ever been a part of my life.

Jezz Warren

Quite simply, My Number One.

Kelly Beattie

My most precious angel, my daughter, Kelly.

Liz Bovingdon

A beautiful funny lady and work colleague.

Maggie Ward

Originally, I met Maggie through her being Vicki's aunty. She became a real, beautiful friend. I still miss her so much.

Nikki Caiger

The right laugh that is my sister, Nikki.

Pete Fields

The person who I have known the longest in my life, outside of the family.

Sarah Williams

A dear, wonderful and loyal friend, parted from us way too early, the Sarah Williams.

Simon Jones

A long-standing, handsome and wonderful friend. Everyone loves Simon.