Mixed Emotions

Posted on 6th February, 2019

Yesterday was a productive day. I'd notice a leak from our Breville Hot Cup kettle on Monday so I took it back to Argos (a different branch) with my scanned receipt from last year (April) and they dealt with me within minutes, no quibble, argument or delay. I thought I was in John Lewis for a moment. Had a nice cup of tea within the hour... and dry kitchen work surfaces.

I've been busy with the website, more pages of photos have been added and I've built on the 'More' page and included some more stuff that was on the original site.

The depressive mood came back into action last night. One minute fine, next minute not wanting to speak to anyone and turning the auto-lights back off in my room when they came on. At least I realised the trigger point on this occasion (I'll not talk about it in here).

One thing I can mention is that I have a few 'stop in my tracks' moments with thinking about my dear friend, David Jack. It's been almost 6 months now since he died and I still have heart-stopping thoughts of him. I miss him, a lot. 

I've definitely over-eaten today!

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