It's been a month

Posted on 29th May, 2019

A lot has happened in the last month and some of which I prefer not to make public. Those, near and dear are aware and I guess that's all that matters, for now!

I have been suffering from back pain that has limited my mobility and I've stayed home most of the time since my last blog. Fearing that the pain was not alleviating, I decided to go and see my chiropractor. She has eased and massaged some of the pain and I feel slightly more comfortable. This has been a major break for me as this is the first that I have been able to sit for this length of time, at the Mac.

My friendship with CB still feels very prickly, which could be as a result of him being a prick! LOL. Not really... just a joke. I'm not sure that we'll be back on track at all and I'm confused by his wanting to keep in touch. I enjoy talking to him and yet if there is no resolution and we are not able to get back to where we once were, then this contact feels cruel.

I have spent much time thinking about my dear friend David. I miss our daily rants and putting the world to rights style FaceTime conversations. I miss him, terribly!

Jezz and I have been appreciating the times we have together more, of late. Even if only watching a movie together more often, life seems generally as though we are more appreciative of one another.

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