Diabetes is misbehaving

Posted on 5th July, 2019


I had my usual blood tests done at the clinic in readiness for my 6-monthly consultation. I don't know why but asked to have an HAb1c done and the result came back a week later. It was 85. I notified the diabetic clinic at my GP surgery and they asked for it to be repeated. Again, I had arranged for this to be timed with my annual checkup with the diabetes nurse. The result was 75 and there had been a gap of weeks from one result to the other. While the diabetic nurse was pleased with the dramatic reduction, it was agreed and decided that I should have a secondary tablet added to the pill regime.

I'd been doing daily morning finger prick tests and measuring the glucose levels. They were as high as 16.4 and as low as 5.0 but the general average was 9.3 after the scare of the first HAbc1 being 85. I went cold turkey with everything sugar related, chocolate, sweets and cakes were out. The spike may have been as a result of having cut up fruit salad in the mornings for breakfast. I hadn't known that it was way too much for a diabetic.

I've been on the new drug for a few days now and the finger prick test readings are dropping but fluctuating between 7.0 and 9.0 at the moment. 

I'm certainly having to take it a lot more seriously now whereas before I was merrily carrying on as each year the diabetic nurse would say: 'whatever you're doing, carry on.' So while I've cut out sugars and treats, I will have the very occasional Magnum ice cream or cake. I've started buying the sugar-free biscuits so if I get a crazy craving, I sneak one of those in with a cup of tea.

I'm being reviewed in three months time to see if the medication and food habits have worked.



I'm entirely sure why but I thought I would get my expired passport renewed. I've been having thoughts about Jezz not going away anywhere and it's certainly not because he doesn't want to. I felt that if he couldn't go with certain people because they couldn't make it, for one reason or another, then he'd not go. I also realised that he'd always have me go with him and I decided, as I'm not getting any younger, that it should be me he goes with. For now, the idea of a short break away feels manageable and I'll entertain the idea now. Before I was way too afraid but a little bit of me is thinking if I am going to meet my end in a plane, then at least he'll be with me!



Anxiety levels have been up and down a lot recently. I worry still and cannot stop it. At best, during the panic, I realised that it's unfounded but I still resort to medication when it's needed. I do know the trigger points and I fear that I may be as comfortable as I'm ever going to get.

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