Brighton Pride 2019

Posted on 6th August, 2019

Brighton Pride 2019

Last Friday (2nd August), Amanda came up later in the afternoon. Jezz came home from working a late shift. We had sausage and egg muffins. Amanda stayed the night on a z-bed in the lounge. The idea was all of us to be up and out by 8 Saturday morning. We were heading for Brighton and it was Amanda's first time in Brighton ever but we only discovered the night before that it was also Brighton Pride. A little hesitant, I still wanted to go and I drove. We managed to get an ideal parking space and headed straight for Bill's restaurant for breakfast. We then waddled our way back down the lanes and did a bit of shopping and window browsing. We then stood amongst hundreds of others in North Road and watched some of the parade passing by. After an ice cream each, we went on the pier and played on the 2p arcade games and won a prize for Amanda. Naturally, had doughnuts on the way off the pier. We headed back home via The George Hotel pub in Henfield for a late lunch. A great day out.


Life At Home

At home, I've been more tired than usual. I'm not sure if it's the new tablet added into my regime to help lower my glucose. The tablet seems to be working and I monitor my blood each morning. It was as high as 16 but have managed to get it down to 6.1 (on a good day). I have cut down on chocolate a lot, almost cut it out but have a craving every so often.

Depression and mood seem moderate but I do still feel helpless. It's usually when I'm alone at home. I potter about the place and can get about day to day but my energy levels keep me indoors. Even supermarket shopping is a task that I seem to need to prepare for these days. Sunday evenings at Gary's gets me out of the house and only once recently was I too tired to go.

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