First post of 2020

Posted on 21st January, 2020

Hey - how ya'll doing? It's been just over a month since writing in here and that was Christmas 2019 done and wrapped up. Christmas tree is back in the loft and most of the edible presents are eaten. Jezz bought me a full-back massager and I'd been using it daily. Either an unrelated injury to my lower back or over-use gave me such a lot of pain that I needed to go and see Claire to sort it out (chiropractor).

On 20 December 2019, sadly Nanny Evans died. She was 101 and Debbie's Nan. I have known since 1981. She was an amazing lady, Welsh and tiny but mighty. She was so alive through the decades and was loved by everybody.

Yesterday Kelly and I went to the Sakura Indian restaurant for a curry. She was over this way. I went to the same last Sunday with Jezz. It's good to get back there. We were all going there regularly until Kelly moved away.

Last week Debbie asked me to help her to create a tribute book for Nanny Evans. We got the tributes and the photos into the printers on time and I collected them yesterday. We discovered an entire page missing and I got back onto Donna at the printers. She brilliantly rescued the situation. It was a problem their end but I was able to collect a second batch today. They look fine, from what I can see. We need them for tomorrow when Debbie hands them out to people at the wake. Nanny's funeral service is tomorrow.


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