Wedding Page

This is the wedding page of Jezz and Wayne Alton. They married on Saturday 6th November 2021 at 4pm in The Hilton Brighton Metropole in Brighton, West Sussex.



21 Years Strong


This slideshow was being played on a projector in the corner of the room, during the wedding party. It was set up to play on a loop.


Rings engraved


Jezz and Wayne go to their favourite jewellery shop, Venus Diamonds Jewellers in the Lanes at Brighton and buy two rings. They are 24ct gold rings with ten diamonds placed on brush gold with white gold lines, too. They went back to the same place to have them engraved.




Pictured here with our pretty sister Nikki, best man Andy, ringbearers Ethan and Jake and the grooms, Wayne and Jezz. The gentlemen are all wearing the same Ted Baker blue tails 3 piece suit, hired from Moss Bros. 


What was the best bit?


As guests talk to both Jezz and Wayne about the day, we made a point of asking them what they remembered most or thought was the highlight of the day. Here are some of the responses.


Jezz's vows and Wayne's duet with Kelly.



Jake, singling me out for the security inspection.



Wayne's speech.



Ethan's face when he saw his Granny's inhibitions.



Betsey, the Registrar.



The 'Happy Birthday' mob dance.



The welcome and acceptance from Kelly, Zoe and Stacey.



Both of the vows readings.



Wayne's speech and the grooms' suits.



Grooms enter the ceremony room.



Both of the vows readings.



Wayne's speech and the 'Happy Birthday' mob dance.



Nikki falling off the rodeo before she got on and Jezz's face during the 'Happy Birthday' mob dance.



The first dance.



Jezz and Wayne, at the sweetheart's table, looking romantic.



Guests Messages forever


This section features most of the well wishes written by our guests in cards.


Many congratulations and much love

Ali & Simon


Wishing you many years of love and happiness. Thank you for letting me share your day, with love



Congratulations. We hope you have a lovely day and we wish you the very best for the future. Lots of love from

Aimee & Jess


Congratulations to you both on your marriage. Wishing you all the very best.

Aileen & Peter


When friendship and love became one. Hope you have the best day. All our love

Debs & Jim


Congratulations on maing it official. Hope you are both having a wonderful day.



Congratualtions on your wedding announcement (long overdue). Wishing you much love

Sarah & Karen (and McKenzie)


Formal acceptance of your wedding invite. Wonderful news. Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple of human beings. Lots of love

Andy & David


Auntie Jezz & Auntie Wayne, Congratulations on your big day! We hope everything goes perfectly and you both have the best (and stress-free) day. Enjoy the prezzie!

Anthony & Ciara


Wishing you every happiness. Love



Hope your day goes off wonderfully. You both deserve this so much and are two very special people. To the nw 'husbands' woohoo. Lots of love

Andy & David


Wishing you both every happiness for the future. Best wishes

Nicola Crockett (Tuesday lady)


Wishing you both a lifetime of laughter, love and amazing adventures together. Congratulations, love



With love and congratulations on your wedding day. You'll Never Walk Alone, very best wishes

Celia & Alan


We are not able to be with you on your wedding day. We wish you a fabulous day and many happy years together. Look after each other. With best wishes

Judy & Andy


Congratulations. Wishing you both all the very best from

Specsvaers, Epsom Team & Liz


Dad & Jezz. We cannot wait to celebrate with you both. Let's dance the night away... it's time to celebrate! So happy you've tied the knot! Congratulations. Lots of love and happiness for the future, love from

Kelly & Chris


Wishing you both a lifetime of fun, laughter and happiness together. Lots of love

Kim & Debbie


Good luck. Congratulations. All my love



Congratulations, love



Lots of happines. Love

Angela & Julie


Congratulations to you both love from



You always have made the most perfect couple. We are so happy for you. Welcome to the 'Alton gang,' Jezz, not may of us but we are special. Love

Zoe, Neil & the boys


Congratulations on your special day. We can't wait to celebrate this day with you. You both deserve all the happiness in the world. All our love

Stacey & Spencer


Sending both of you love and best wishes for the start of a wonderful life together. Much love and congratulations on your special day. All our love

Sam & Ian


Waynie & Jezz Alton - We're so happy for you, Julie. Lots of love and hugs

Kate, Vickioli & Lizz


Mr & Mr Alton. Congrtualtions. Wishing you both all the very best on your wedding day. Love to you both always. Enjoy



So lovely to share this special day with you both. All our best wishes and love to you

Sarah & Karen (and McKenzie)


To Wayne & Jezz, from

The team at Hilton Brighton


Finally making an honest man of him! Lots of love

Michele & Dean


Lots of love



We are so happy for you both. All our love

Lizzie & Lewis


On your 'Happy Ever After' wedding day. With all our love and best wishes

Jean & Brian


Wishing you both the most fabulous day. Be proud. Always. Warm wedding wishes

Lee (Your fair Waitrose customer)


Many congratulatinos on your wedding day. We wish you both all the happiness in the world. Lots of love and hugs

Sara, Carl & Jodie


Hope you both grow very old together. With love

Tim, Miranda & family


While some people may find your maariage 'alternative,' I don't see it any differently than any other. I've witnessed between two people who love each other. Love is love... it's simple. And I'm thankful to both have been invited to share your special day and I cherrish and love you both. Many congratulations, love



Thank you so much for including us on your special day. Much love

Rose & Paddy


Mr & Mr Waynie & Jezz Alton. With all our love

Jeanie & Mags

I had a dream and they wanted to send you a card too ~ Kate


Grandad Wayne & Nanna Jezz

I hope you guys have the best wedding day ever! Thank you for giving me and Jake the honour of being your ring bearers. Love Ethan


I hope you have the most amazing time. You guys deserve the best. Thank you for putting me and Ethan into your wedding. Have a magnificent wedding. Love from Jake


To Wayne & Jezz, perfect couple. Congratulations and hope you carry on being happy and enjoy your wonderful life together. Love you always

Nikki & Caiger


Check you out, getting all married and shit. Congratulations Lord Wayne & Lord Jezz Alton. Congratulations on your wedding day. Thank fuck you've done it an shit. Love you long time